LAJFSTAJ L / L I FESTYLE 92 | Leto » Summer kets and sun lounger mats, while Rome’s own poetic couturier, Giambattista Valli, has even gone so far as to dedicate an entire capsule collection to the “beach club” team style. However, fashionhouses aren’t the only ones that are in a “pool chic” mood - the creators of the finest ambient accessories, such as Soho Home and Frette, are also considering how to make you comfortablewhile in your pool zen, so they are competing to see who can make the more luxurious pool towels. Sets of plastic champagne glasses are no longer some lowbudget variant – highly aestheticized versions of these drinking vessels are evenworthy of such fabulous sparkling wines. And this season’s make-up also adheres to the slogan “glamour illuminated by the sun”! Inspired by the timeless appeal of the Mediterranean lifestyle, in meticulously designed packaging that exudes retro charm, the most famous beauty brands have packaged tried and tested formulations that are completely waterproof, enduring and provide SPF protection. Azure shades of eye shadow and nail polish underline the swimming pool theme in the most beautiful way possible. However, the story doesn’t end there! The most modern summer hairstyles reinterpret the wet look for the new age, so you will constantly feel like a diva. And while we’re on the subject of icons of style, let’s conclude with a curious fact: The term “pool chic” was taken from the packaging of one of the best-selling Barbie dolls of all time. “Pool Chic Barbie” is mesmerising in her long turquoise halter dress. Just as we wish for you this summer! Termin pool chic preuzet je sa pakovanja jedne od najprodavanijih lutki svih vremena – Pool Chic Barbie / The term “pool chic” was taken from the packaging of one of the bestselling dolls of all time: Pool Chic Barbie I mejkap je ove sezone u znaku krilatice „glamur obasjan suncem“ And this season’s make-up also adheres to the slogan “glamour illuminated by the sun” tion is the unrivalled Miuccia Prada, who has designed a new subline for her recognisable brand, Prada Outdoor, which is dedicated to outdoor life. The collection includes perfect threaded sweaters that you can nonchalantly throw over a bikini, but also a knitted hammock if you want to use the same pattern for your afternoon nap. What a perfect introduction to the “take it easy” mode of the sizzling hot season! Prada isn’t the only brand that sees potential in our idling under the sun - Jacquemus, Loewe, and Dries VanNoten have, in the same breath, offered leisure time accessories like frisbees, picnic bas-