Fashion » Moda | 53 Moda Fashion I VANA MA @ i va n ama o n t h e b e a c h Fromthe beach to the ball in one dress I’ve been in Asia and the endless summers I spend in Montenegro, where I also have a flagship store. You first produced dresses for yourself, then later for your friends. And in the end, you were compelled to launch your own production? - Since I was a little girl, I always had a very strong senseof style anda specificwayof dressingup that hasn’t changed a lot. I collect porcelain, I’m passionate about table decorations and interior design is in my blood, as I’m an architect by education. All of that is intertwined in a visual language that people like andwant to be part of, and I’mhappy to share that in the formof a dress that tells the story of my life. We all like to dream about faraway places andmy dresses allow you to do that. Your creations can be worn for luxurious dinners, but also on the beach at sunset … - That’s very true! My dresses aremade to take you fromthe beach straight to the Summer Ball. Salty hair and bare feet, with a pinch of mysteryanddreamwithaball gown, is super chic and super cool.The girl in me still loves Disney movies and my clients very often tell me that they feel like Cinderella inmy dresses.Themost important thing is that something magical will happen to you when you wear it! How would you describe your style? - My dresses are for strong and confident women, who at the same time aren’t afraid to show their soft, feminine and romantic side either. I’m also like that. Your dresses can be bought in Serbia, Montenegro, England etc. What do ladies abroad like, and what about those in Serbia? - You can buy Ivana Ma dresses inLondon, Belgrade and atmy shop in Montenegro’s Luštica Bay. There arebigbanana trees, largewickerbaskets fromAsia, summerhats, beautiful shells, soft cushions andbamboo hangers inthe shop. Peopleoftentell me that, when they enter, they feel like they’vebeentransportedtoadifferent world - somewhere beautiful and exotic.There is notmuchdifference betweenmy clients around the world. All girls want to look pretty and they all want magic to happen! IvanaMa dresses are unadulterated fun!This is actually a brand that’s dedicated entirely to the feeling of pleasure in the sunshine and indulging in the joys of life, and behind the brand stands Ivana Maksimović Hasečić. The considered playfulness of her design is no accident, given that she’s a qualified architect and interior designer, while fashion is the love that has possessed her for years. When observing your dresses, we get the impression that they’re decorated with nature? - A happy, sunny day is the DNA of my brand. I’ma big traveller and I go around the worldchasingthesun.Palmtreesonmydresses are reminiscent of my Bahamas, spring flowers andbumblebees are frommy garden in the English countryside, a lot of blue is inspiredby the turquoisewaters of everywhere Ivana Maksimović Hasečić TEKST/WORDS: A.E. / FOTO: PROMO