Moda Fashion priate emphasising of curves, audaciousness, provocativeness, but with a measure that never exceeds the limits of taste. Another thing that’s no less important andhas beenemphasised in the fashionworld over recent years is the gender neutral or unisex style. It’s true thatCocoChanel redesigned models from the men’s wardrobe and transferred them to womenswear long ago, so unisex is nothing new, but it is once again in focus. Apart from that, it is also fairly neutral, whichagain serves to couch it in the new fashion mantra - universality. Despite being adjusted to trends every year, it is still somehow timeless, whichmakes it acceptable from the perspective of sustainable fashion. It traverses styles, so you can spot it indenimshortswith frayed edges, long skirts with slanted cuts, cardiganswithpointedends and fold-over shirts, while its feminine face glistens on long formal gowns with one exposed shoulder. While on the one hand it emphasises femininity, revealing a little andhidinga little, itnever brings the contours of the figure to the fore, so asymmetry doesn’t discriminate in clothing size, age or occupation, regardless of how you’re built. Although it is universally accepted worldwide, asymmetrical design is most strongly linked to Japan. And the Japanese also gave usdeconstruction, crazy street style, minimalism and most fashion elements that have a specific fashion vibe. Extravagance, rebelliousness or just difference, it’s all asymmetry, or a vociferous fashion rebellion against uniformity. We aren’t all the same! And to conclude, symmetry arrivedwith the industrial revolution that led to the reducing of manual production. It didmake production cheaper andenable themassproductionofmore affordable designs, but it also simplified those designs. In our rush towards the cheapest possible items with a super short shelf life, we arrived at that which fashion never wanted to be: uniformity and unanimity. Handmade designs arenever identical, andnor are we. They may still be too expensive for us, but consider asymmetry because it states - I have experience; I knowwho I amandwhat I’mdoing. Monocolour pieces always give preference to the cut, which is also what renders them timeless Vrcavo pokažite malo gole kože, a u isto vreme ostanite u granicama prikladnog Unpretentiously expose a little bare skin, while at the same time staying within the boundaries of what’s appropriate Nije svaka toaleta za svaki dan, a ako je posebna, onda može da bude poput skulpture. Model Đorđa Armanija Not every gown is for every day, and special ones can be like a sculpture. George Armani model Asymmetry » Asimetrija | 51