SHE SP EAKS FOR HE RSE L F Asymmetry, the younger sister of deconstruction Howmuch dynamism, originality, history, creativity and courage can fit into a single expression that isn’t even exclusively a fashion term - asymmetry FROM GREEK TOGAS TO MODERNTOPSWITHONE bare shoulder, viadresseswitha trainthat are shorter at the front and longer at the back, to trousers or skirts with one pocket... all of that is asymmetry. And regardless of howmuchwe might think that symmetry ismore pleasing to the eye, we would never wear two brooches. We won’t even place one in themiddle of a blouse... What is it about asymmetrythat attracts us so much? It is dynamic, accentuated, striking and clearly lets us know that we don’t want to look like others; that we are striving for originality andour own style, to attract attention. An asymmetrical piece confuses, compelling an interlocutor’s gaze to wander up and down, from left to right, in an attempt to interpret the whole. Each line and cut leads in a different direction. Fashion ismuchmore than merely following trends; it is an entirephilosophy that providesuswith the opportunity toworldlessly state what we think, feel and where we are headed. The emphasis is placed on style, and not on the inapproDve falte gde immesto nije, plus jedan džep i eto originalnogmodela koji možete da nosite uvek i svuda po viđenju modne kuće Fendi Two pleats where they don’t belong, coupled with an additional pocket, and, voilà, an original model that you can wear always and everywhere, according to the vision of fashion house Fendi 50 | Asimetrija » Asymmetry