tion to creating new songs, found time for everything else that I didn’t have enough time for previously. I grasped this time as a blessing.” In which music genre would you like to try out your talent for the first time and which instrument would you like to play? “Oh, I believe that I can handle all kinds of music. Except classical. But those are nonetheless completely different postulates of learning. It wouldn‘t be bad for me to sometimes sit down at a piano and accompany myself on some songs. I truly admire instrumentalists, but I stick to my instrument – my voice.” What do you consider as being your greatest success? “Endurance. It isn’t easy to endure throughout all these years and to create music that doesn’t entice the masses. I address my own audience, who carry me. I’m only interested in their opinions. If they give a thumbs up, as a like for a song, that‘s it. I haven’t utilised cheap media tricks so that people would love me. I take a wide arc to avoid scandals and tabloid media. I’ve introduced myself to people exclusively through my talent, work and songs.” Which songs by other people cause your soul to always tremble and who are your timeless musical idols? “Oliver Dragojević‘s song ‘Nocturno’ causes my soul and voice to tremble. Every time. And my top five geniuses are Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. I’ve learnt from them and admire every note they’ve gifted the world.” What do you like on today’s world and Balkan music scenes? “There’s a general lack of the originality and courage that were possessed by some of the greatest musical legends. There are few things that now leave people feeling breathless, both on the foreign and domestic scenes. Everything has become a copy, because Instagram has imposed a completely different kind of aesthetics. Similarity is valued today, and those that are original find it difficult to impose themselves. And accompanying that aesthetic, unfortunately, is also music. The notes are the same, as are the hairstyles. When Madonna appeared, the world was won over by her originality. That is missing today.” What would you have liked to do if you weren‘t a musician? “I never thought about that. I’ve been attached to music since childhood. I suppose I would have been successful in anything even if I didn’t make music. I’m tenacious, thorough and diligent. I dedicate time and exert effort to achieving that which I set as a goal for myself. I would probably be in some profession with humanitarian undertones. And acting is my little secret love.” During periods of respite, do you sing for your soul, listen to music or enjoy yourself without notes? “Believe it or not, I mostly listen to silence.” What brings you joy on a daily basis? “I‘m a grateful person. First, when I wake up, I thank the good God that I’m able to walk, breathe, live and rejoice. I view life through the eyes of an eternal child and a major optimist, and I try to be the best person that I can be. I live a simple life. And the sea is my greatest love. When I’m by the sea, everything is just as it should be for me.” Do you know that you’re ranked in Serbia among the most popular Balkan singers? “I feel the great love and respect of the audience in Serbia. They welcomeme and send me off with lots of open hearts and warm hugs, and every concert is a real celebration for me. I’m happy that I will soon be singing again in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Niš, Užice etc. It’s a wonderful feeling for every artist when the audience welcomes you as though you’re one of their own.” Music » Muzika | 37 Od pesme Nokturno Olivera Dragojevićami drhte i duša i glas. Svaki put / Oliver Dragojević's song ‘Nocturno’ causes my soul and voice to tremble. Every time U septembru ću objaviti pesmu Pamtim, za koju sam posebno emotivno vezana / I will release the song ‘Pamtim’ [I Remember] in September, which I’m particularly attached to emotionally AIR SERBIA’S BRILLIANT CREW What impressions do you have fromAir Serbia flights? “I often fly along the Zagreb – Belgrade route. I’m sometimes sorry that the flight is so short, because I enjoy the attention and kindness of the crew. However, I mostly fly to more distant destinations with Air Serbia, because they have almost all direct lines. They are extremely well connected and kindliness is at the highest possible level. What was the nicest thing that happened to you aboard a plane? “I recall one long, transoceanic flight. Halfway through, I transferred my flight to Belgrade and flew further with Air Serbia. I was tired and could hardly wait to land and reach the end of that long journey. I was greeted on the flight by a beautiful flight attendant who seated me at the back end of the plane and immediately brought me chocolate and a glass of wine. Those are the „little things“ that immediately restore one’s smile.”