KULTURA / CULTURE 36 | Muzika » Music WITHA VOICE THATHITS THEMOST POWERFUL pop scales and the charisma of a world, Balkan and Croatian star, she has been striding the path of singing success since the age of nine, when she first began performing with Zagreb-based children‘s choir „Zvezdice“. Having amassed almost four decades of experience, she has earned her status as one of the most beloved singers in the Balkans. However, she remains approachable, spontaneous and sweet, so on the bazaars they coo of her as “the eternal girl next door”. To what extent is your new song actually a message and motivation for new victories in the post-pandemic world? “The song probably originated in my soul, as a resistance movement against this harsh time in which we’ve all found ourselves and in which we are somehow living. And which has lasted for a long time… I also lacked joy, fun and such wonderful freedom. The song ‘Ja još uvijek imam istu želju’ [I Still Have the Same Desire] is also joyful, and its only aim is to bring people relief and a little smile to their faces. All the wishes in the song are beautiful - health and love above all.” Under these extraordinary conditions and with a forced break from the stage, did you find inspiration to compose? “Lots of new songs are completed and ready to be heard by the public. After this new single, I will release the song ‘Pamtim’ [I Remember] in September, which I’m particularly attached to emotionally. And this time also brought me back to myself. I was unbelievably calm in accepting the situation in which we all found ourselves. I turned to nature and healthy nutrition. All toxic people and situations disappeared automatically. The most beautiful aspect of everything is that truly good people shone like gems during this time. I was also industrious and, in addiN I NA BADR I Ć, S I NGER When I’mby the sea, everything is just as it should be for me After a year-long lull due to the pandemic, Nina Badrić brings gleeful notes, the spirit of summer and hope for long-awaited better days with her new song ‘I Still Have the Same Desire’ FOTO: ANDREJA DAMNJANOVIĆ