22 | Intervju » Interview INTERVJU / INTERVI EW Do you feel nervous when watching your daughter Anđela on stage? "Watching her is pure joy for me, ever since the day I convinced myself that she has a gift for acting; that she's born for it and can go through life independently." What brings you joy and a smile to your face? You are known as a very witty man. "My family is my greatest happiness and joy. But also children and animals, because they are uncorrupted and pure souls. Unfortunately, it's rare today for people to meet without having an interest in doing so. Just because I'm capable of making other people laugh, that doesn't always mean I'm in a good mood. I wouldn't even be able to work if that didn't bring me satisfaction. That's why I don't even start a job if I'm not sure it will fulfil me positively." How do you most often spend your free time? "I follow the semi-finals and finals of the world pool masters on TV. I play on my own in my weekend cottage on Zlatibor." Why is Zemun one of the characters in all your stories? "I live there, it has the atmosphere of amarket town from bygone times. It seems that I'm a man from the 19th century, I would have preferred that era. Maybe I already lived there in some past life, if there are any. I would choose to be born in the same country, but not in present times. For me, the present is like the future, and in these times I don't feel like I'm in my element." What is an unfulfilled desire? "There's certainly a regret that we didn't havemore children. And I regret that less when I see my child, and perhaps it was meant to be like that, because she's a magnificent being. Luckily, she had first cousins as peers for playing." Do you enjoy Air Serbia flights? "I previously enjoyed all my travels more than I do now. I had a fear of flying in planes as a young man, so I completed a pilot's course for a light-sport plane. I overcame my fear nicely and enjoyed piloting. I was convinced that planes are the safest form of transport. In 2020, I flew over Africa to Zanzibar, those were my longest flights to date. I find shorter flights more pleasant. Africa is my favourite continent and Africans are wonderful." How do you spend your time aboard planes? "During flights I like to look at the digital geographical map with the coordinates of where the plane is above at that moment, which is on the seat in front of me. I'm also curious to find out information about the flight from the pilot. I find airport crowds and controls the most problematic." Tekst/Words: Ana Vodinelić Fotografije/Photography: Mitar Mitrović Na letovima volimda gledam digitalnu geografsku mapu s koordinatama iznad kojih je tada avion During flights I like to look at the digital geographical map with the coordinates of where the plane is above at that moment