102 | Albanija » Albania ALBANI JA / ALBANIA Saranda podseća na Monako zato što je građena iznadmora, na obodu brda Sarandë is reminiscent of Monaco due to it being built to tower over the sea, on the slope of a hill has an exceptional historical museum. Durrës also boasts the remains of an amphitheatre dating back to the Roman period, while its main promenade is modelled on examples fromWestern countries. Durrës is a port and here you can spend your summer holidays a few kilometres from the city centre, where there are long sandy beaches and pebble beaches, hotels beside the beach and numerous cafes. Sarandë like Monaco The medieval town of Berat also has several natural attractions, and opposite Sarandë and Ksamila you can see the Greek island of Corfu, just two to three kilometres away as the crow flies. Sarandë is reminiscent ofMonaco due to it being built to tower over the sea, on the slope of a hill. Some of the hotels have fantastic panoramic views, thanks to them being located directly above the sea. The beautiful promenade has a large number of cafes and restaurants. There is also a small port, with tourist boats and palm trees. Sarandë is recommended for adult tourists and youngsters, as there are a lot of ascents to conquer, while a better choice for families with small children is represented by Ksamil, which has an exceptional beach and majestic turquoise waters. The settlement itself is still under development and continues to be built, but its seaside hotels are a good choice for families. The summer resort is peaceful and appealing to those whomostly like to spend their holiday on the beach. Kada ste već u tomkraju, posetite Tiranu i krenite na izlet do Skadra, Ohridskog jezera i Krfa / While you’re already in the area, visit Tirana and embark on excursions to Shkodër, Lake Ohrid and Corfu