nificent halls, the first of which is the “Hall of Joined Columns or Colonnades”, named after the columns that have grown from floor to ceiling and are compoed of yellowish calcite minerals. In the second hall, “the Beehive Hall”, the ceiling is covered with beehive-like stalactites that are still forming, while the second and third halls are connected by a tunnel of red breccias that don’t exist anywhere else in Serbia. In addition to the stunning interior of the cave itself, the complex also has an Adventure Park that’s intended for both adults and children alike, where courageous visitors can test their skills. Your adventure then continues via the village of Strmosten to the Lisine Hydro Complex, which is also a protected area and a monument of nature. ere you will see the source of the Veliko Vrelo spring, which releases crystal clear water that travels along the Vrelo stream to the greatest gem of Lisine - Veliki Buk waterfall. Around 20 metres in height, it is at its most beautiful during springtime and represents an ideal spot to shoot selfies. Resava porridge and fresh trout Within the scope of the Lisine Hydro Complex, and in the vicinity of the waterfall itself, there are several restaurants offering excellent specialities of the Resava region. Don’t miss out on trying the fresh trout, Resava kačamak porridge and other specialities of local cuisine that are prepared here in a special way. is entire area also boasts authentic structures and ethno homesteads, where you can find accommodation for one or more nights. Hospitable local hosts will do their best to make you feel at home, while overnight stays cost an average of only around 2,000 dinars [approx €17] per person. Fresh air, healthy food prepared Izvor Veliko vrelo, sa kog izvire kristalno čista voda The Veliko Vrelo spring, which releases crystal clear water by diligent housewives by hand, as well as the warmly welcoming atmosphere of the households, represent good fuel for continuing your tour of the gifts of nature that are abundant in this region. Vinatovača, Serbia‘s only rainforest ose with a strong will and a love for truly pristine nature have two options. e first is located about 15 kilometres from Lisine via a macadam road and is represented by the Vinatovača rainforest, the only one of its kind in Serbia, which located deep within the Kučaj mountain range. Comprising 37 hectares of pristine beech forWeekend adventure » Vikend avantura | 89 iStock / Marko Ignjatovic iStock / Marko Ignjatovic