Weekend adventure » Vikend avantura | 87 Vikend avantura Weekend adventure Krenite od manastira Manasija, koji se nalazi na samo dva kilometra od centra Despotovca Set off from Manasija Monastery, which is located just two kilometres from the centre of Despotovac Located approximately 130 kilometres from the Serbian capital, good road infrastructure enables it to be reached by car within an hour and a half. At the 100th kilometre of the Belgrade-Niš Highway, take the exit for Markovac, after which the road will lead you via Svilajnac to Despotovac. is town represents the centre of this region and provides a real opportunity to take a break after your short journey at one of the nearby cafes and restaurants. Your Resava adventure can then begin. ManasijaMonastery and park of miniatures Set off fromManasija Monastery, which is located just two kilometres fromthe centre of Despotovac. ismagnificent edifice that’s surrounded by hills represents the endowment of Despot Stefan Lazarević. Built between 1407 and 1418 in the Moravian style, this monastery is considered one of themost significantmonuments of Serbia’smedieval culture. e entiremonastery complex is surrounded by high walls with a total of eleven towers, which originally served the defences of the monastery. e feeling of peace and harmony provided by a visit to Manasija won’t be reduced in the environment provided by all the natural beauty of this area. Twenty kilometres from Despotovac towards the slopes of Mount Beljanica, a signpost will direct you towards Resava Cave, a protected natural monument and one of the most significant and highest visited caves in Serbia. On route you will also come across the Park of Models, which is a unique attraction in Serbia that features accurate miniature replicas of medieval monasteries and old Serbian houses. Resava Cave and Veliki Buk waterfall e eighty-million-year-old Resava Cave has four magiStock / Nastasic