Rhythm of Serbia » RitamSrbije | 85 Jovana Kvržić is one of Serbia’s best travel bloggers, whose content on the Instagram social network is followed by over 21,000 people. Since she picked up her suitcase in 2015, she has travelled to over 60 countries worldwide. When she isn’t broadening her horizons, she’s preparing to embark on her endeavour to earn the title of doctor of pharmaceutical sciences. For this issue of Elevate she takes us to Mount Tara with her camera, to the Janjač peak on the border between Serbia and Bosnia’s Republika Srpska, at an altitude of around 1,500m/asl. En route she passed through the village of Karaklije, offering a typical rural Serbian landscape. A hiking trail leads to the peak itself, which is steep but traversable. On the peak you can see Lake Zaovine on one side and Višegrad, with its famous “Bridge on the Drina”, on the other. “It is best to visit Janjač during summer, because the trail to the top is snowed under during winter. When climbing to the top you will enjoy the silence of nature, which can only be interrupted by the baaing of sheep. If you are lucky, a shepherd will be with them and will be in the mood to talk. This seemingly ordinary man is a treasure trove of knowledge about nature, but also anecdotes that will brighten your day,” says Jovana. Ako budete imali sreće, pastir će biti raspoložen za priču If you are lucky, a shepherd will be in the mood to talk