Culture » Kultura | 47 extremely demanding and isn’t very profitable. No one chooses to willingly draw the same characters and spaces over and over, page after page. To draw cars, forests, seas, all kinds of animals, machines and cities. To draw everything. This initial interest needs to be really strong, to outweigh other, more profitable jobs that a talented cartoonist can do. Someone can only do this if they have a really strong love for the form. On the other hand, the satisfaction of creating a comic strip and observing a story that gain its own physical form is immeasurable. I still don’t think that everyone must read comics, but 2020 has been proclaimed the year of the comic, so perhaps it’s not be a bad time to reconsider such views. In France a campaign of the ministry of culture is underway, inspired by the comics festival in Angoulême, which is one of the world’s most significant events of its kind. e aim is to establish comics as institutionally valuable art, equal to other fields, in order to provide it with a greater academic reputation. at’s why it would be sad for those from the beginning of the article, who “don’t like comics”, to miss out on all the beauty and diversity that can be seen in Angoulême; such a wealth of styles, absolutely wonderful works by Yoshiharu Zuga (hisManwithout Talent was recently also published in our country)... I like to think that the perfect comic exists for everyone, regardless of how specific their taste might be. ey just need to meet – the reader and the comic.