46 | Kutura » Culture STR IP COMICS J E L ENA ĐORĐEV I Ć COM I C ST R I P ART I ST Comics were always onlymy thing I recently started the adventure of adapting a local bestseller into a graphic novel, andwhile promoting it I encountered comments from some readers like “I don’t normally like comics, but...” My first reaction to that was - “Someone has robbed you! You’ve beendeprivedof an entire art form!” is would be similar to saying “I don’t like film” or “I don’t like music”, although we of course all have preferences for certaingenres, but we almost never encounter this kind of exclusivity. Considering that this is an audience that already has a habit of reading books, I had to wonder how it is even possible that the entire life experience of encountering comics results in the average reader feeling pure and exclusive dislike. e “culprit” for such attitudes is certainly the personwho feels that way the least. ere was simply nothing that appealed toher that so far aroused her deeper interest or pleasure. e problem is the presenting of the comic strip as something of a low quality, poorly written, which is only for enthusiasts or boys. Another problem is the diversity of the offer, which always boils down to the problem of finances and publishers, but there’s perhaps also a little of that sense of a “closed club”, some small fence that we erect ourselves, probably unconsciously, between us “comic strip folk” and the ordinary world. As the complete opposite of the previous stance, there is an attitude that I also share – I love comics!Which means that I really love all kinds of comics and enjoy them. How can one come to love comics? e only example I can offer is my own. Comics were available to me to the extent that they were there in the ‘80s and ‘90s; I bought everything that appeared, Bonelli editions (though not all of them, while Dylan Dog was my favourite), local magazines that occasionally appeared, Politika’s Zabavnik, entertainer, whichgave usweekly “doses” of often very high quality comics. And that was enough. It doesn’t take much to come to love comics. And I never felt like that world wasn’t for me. Although it was a solitary interest - there wasn’t much company with which I could share it, but that didn’t matter tome in the slightest. at was only my thing. Working on comics is already something different. The work is No one chooses to willingly draw the same characters and spaces over and over Niko ne bira svojoj voljomda crta iste likove i prostore iznova i iznova It didn't take much for me to come to love comic strips. And I never felt like that world wasn't for me. Although it was a solitary interest - there wasn't much company with which I could share it, but that didn't matter to me in the slightest