Revolution » Revolucija | 41 - Some 580 of our people will be employed at full capacity. To date we’ve received the first 500 biographies and works, as many as 400 of which are exemplary. I will try to participate creatively in all processes and I hope I will have time to be the director of an animated film, which I am already developing. You have celebrated Serbia all around the world, and now is the time for you to also bring that world to us. ere has been talk of Johnny Depp and Sarah Jessica Parker. Could you at least give us a hint about which major stars will be visiting Belgrade? - Johnny Depp will come for sure, already at the beginning of autumn. Iervolino Entertainment has worked with lots of Hollywood actors, so we expect to engaged at least some of them as required. Why are these kinds of projects and cooperation important for our country, and will there be even more of them? - Stated in the simplest way, we will export animated films with the label Made in Serbia. Along with all of our athletes, artists, scientists, mathematicians and start-up projects, this will be another point in changing the image of our country. Apart from that, we will retain and hopefully return many young people to Serbia. We want our country to be the first association when one thinks of the creative industries. And I’m convinced that we’ll succeed. ANDREA IERVOLINO e pandemic led to you having an unplanned extended stay in Serbia and gave you the opportunity to better familiarise yourself with the country. What are your impressions; what did you like the most? - Yes, this initially negative situation broughtme a lot of positive things, because it compelledme to finalise preparations for opening the studiomuch faster than I had planned. Along the way, completely unexpectedly, I fell in love with Serbia by realising that it reminds me irresistibly of my home in Italy – creating in me the same feeling of familiarity and security. As is usually the case, I liked the people themselves the most, their leisureliness, but also their dedication to work and great creativity. What prompted you to decide to bring such a large production and project to our country? - In accordance with the investment plan of our production company Iervolino Entertainment, we envisaged the opening of a studio for the production of animated content sometime in 2020. All we had to do was to choose the right place for that. My acquaintance with Miloš and the previous knowledge I had about Serbian cinematography, as well as favourable business conditions, conspired in Belgrade’s favour. In the end we could say that my inner feeling also decided, which I’m sure won’t let me down. Is Serbia’s Miloš Biković a better actor or businessman? Do you have any favourite actors or directors here? - Miloš is both an excellent actor and a great businessman. Indeed, even in Hollywood there aren’t many actors who manage to balance art and business in such a good way, which is crucial for complete success. In addition to being an excellent actor, Miloš also recently ventured into production waters himself, and now he will also try his hand in the animated format, which will be a special challenge. Of the directors from this region, I most highly rate the work of Emir Kusturica, whom I’ve also had the opportunity to meet personally. You have received a large number of awards - for producer of the year, best Italian businessman etc. - and you are highly rated all over the planet. Do you have any advice for our producers? Where is our place on the world map and how can we rise to that rung of the ladder? - Every successful film producer must know two great secrets of this business – never copy someone else’s work and get to know your audience. It may sound too simple and expected, but that’s really how it is. All great producers find inspiration in other people’s works, and there is nothing wrong in that, but they knowwhere to set the limit, in order to preserve authenticity. Moreover, although the competition is today much greater than it was a few decades ago, it is also easier to recognise and target the audience you are addressing. We have a variety of digital tools at our disposal for content analysis and distribution – you just need to choose your target group wisely and get to know it well. You’ve collaborated with big names on big films. Which actors have remained most fondly in your memory and which is your favourite film and why? - When it comes to my creative work, I can’t single out any film as a favourite – I’m tied to each of them by some special memory, the atmosphere from the shooting and new friendships that emerged from them. I don’t know if I was just lucky, but most of the Hollywood stars I’ve worked with are primarily ordinary people who love their job. It’s really wonderful to see someone like Al Pacino, who works on the hundredth consecutive film in his life with the same zeal and passion and who looks forward to every arrival on set like a small child. Zaljubio sam se u Srbiju shvativši da me neodoljivo podseća na moj dom u Italiji – stvara u meni isti osećaj poznatosti i sigurnosti I fell in love with Serbia by realising that it reminds me irresistibly of my home in Italy – creating in me the same feeling of familiarity and security