London » London | 105 To teawith Mr Darcy Travelling from the UK capital by train you can quickly reach Bath, a town famous for its Roman baths, Georgian architecture and famous novelist Jane Austen. Built for enjoyment and relaxation, the beautiful Bath has been visited since Roman times, but is still a favourite destination for tourists and Brits who enjoy spend their weekends in this town. One of the oldest British tourist destinations, it was founded in the 1st century AD and named after the thermal mineral springs that break through limestone from a depth of 4,800 metres. e site of the Roman bath complex is today a museum that depicts what life in the town was like 2,000 years ago. Of course, modern steam baths have also been built in Bath, which is one of many reasons why this place has been so popular in Britain for the last 200 years. And its very well-preserved Georgian architecture dates back to about that time, including semicircular buildings like the Royal Crescent or e Circus complexes. ey are protected as world cultural heritage sites, but the town is even better known for the fact that famous authoress Jane Austen lived there at the beginning of the 19th century, so films based on her works are also often situated in Bath. ousands of Jane Austen fans, dressed in sumptuous costumes from the late 18th century, gather here every year (unfortunately, not this year, because for noweverythinghas been cancelleddue to thepandemic). Crinolines, hats, swords, uniforms, streets filled with “nobles and court ladies” go back through time for at least a short while, to the era when Jane created her masterpieces. is novelist lived in Bath for five years, before relocatingwithhermother and sister to Hampshire, where she wrote and published some of hermost famousworks, suchas Sense andSensibility,MansfieldPark, Emma andPride and Prejudice. Yet that small town in Hampshire has never been as celebrated for her as Bath, which has become a place where the name and works of Jane Austen are celebrated every year. You will be greeted in front of the museum dedicated to her by costumed staff, withall employees dressed in the style of characters fromher novels. ere are displayed her portraits, a life-size wax figure, artefacts from her study etc. And in the cafe above the museumthat you can enter even if you don’t enter the museum itself (check to see if and when it’s open) you can live for a moment like Elizabeth Bennet and drink tea in the company of the wonderful Mr Darcy. Of course in the famous Regency Tea Room cafe. ey naturally offer a large selection of teas, as they are British, but perhaps themost romanticwill be just “Teawith Mr Darcy”, servedwith buns, and that pleasurewill cost youabout 20pounds. Of course, as you’ve already embarked on this excursion from London, which really shouldn’t bemissed, be sure to stop by Stonehenge, which is located only 50 kilometres from Bath. is famous stone complex that dates back to the Bronze Age is one of the most mysterious structures ever built. So you can conclude this journey through history with a question that millions of people have asked before you -were thesemiraculous stones placedhere by aliens andwhat purpose do they even serve?! Putovanje vozom iz Londona sa stanice Padington traje oko sat i po / Travelling by train from London’s Paddington Station takes about an hour and a half Hiljade ljubitelja Džejn Ostin, obučenih u raskošne kostime s kraja 18. veka, okupljaju se ovde svake godine / Thousands of Jane Austen fans, dressed in sumptuous costumes from the late 18th century, gather here every year profimedia.rs iStock