The crowds at Plitvice are incredible during the summers, and it’s recommended that you buy tickets online, to ensure you don’t end up making the journey and nding yourself turned away at the ticket of- ce because the park is sold out. If you have a pet, you needn’t worry about what to do with him – it’s enough to put them on a lead and take them on your adventure, because pets are allowed to enter Plitvice. If you want to rest, you can do so at the dock for tour boats, which has benches and tables. It is, of course, important to clean up after yourself. If you want to take a swim, you can do so in the largest lake, Kozjak, in its icymountain waters that are so clear that you can see the lake’s bottom at any moment, even at great depths, as it shines under the sun’s rays. There are shoals of trout that are so accustomed to visitors that they will approach you themselves. Living in the forests of Plitvice Lakes are bears, brown bears, which are a protected species, just like the wolves and lynxes that also live here. There are also river crabs, a rare type of otter and numerous species of bird. Also growing here are 58 species of orchid, including Europe’s most beautiful and most endangered orchid, the Lady’s-slipper orchid. There are also endangered species of very rare carnivorous plants, but also the virgin forest of Čorkova Cove, which grows without any human in uence and comprises beech and r trees, and which is home to numerous plant and animal species. And when you look at everything around you, you will understand why the Plitvice Lakes National Park is included on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List. And that’s because there’s nowhere else where nature has so perfectly fused stone, forest and water. VIA ZADAR TO THE LAKES Air Serbia has introduced a ight to Zadar, and reaching Plitvice from there is easy and cheap. Located just over a hundred kilometres from the airport, this is an excursion that nobody should miss out on, because the beauty there is something you’ll never forget. iStock / tomch