88 | There is perhaps no dilemma that a better time can be had in Budva, but everyone will agree that the beach in Bečići is unsurpassed. Even historical records testify to this having always been the case. It was in Paris in 1935 that Bečići Beach won the Grand Prix and was declared Europe’s most beautiful beach, and it was again awarded 30 years later with the Golden Palm for the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. And today it is still a true enjoyment to spend time on this beach, which has both negravel andsandy sections, and isboth longandwide, ensuring that there’s no fear that you won’t nd room to lay your towel even during peak season. Thebeachstretches fromCapeZavala (whichdividesBečići fromBudva) to CapeĐevištinjeand is surroundedby top-class hotels of thehighest categories and excellent restaurants o ering local and international cuisine. A long promenade runs alongside the beach, leading to Kamenovo at one end and the Old Town of Budva at the other, representing a decent walk of around ve kilometres. Regardless of the distances, if you are seeking accommodation in Bečići, you have a huge choice, and youwon’t need a car to reach interesting places and beautiful beaches. Continuing on fromBečići is the charming Rafailovići, and after passing through a short tunnel in the direction of Sveti Stefan you will emerge on the beautiful Kamenovo Beach, with its clean waters and beautiful sunsets. If you insteadhead towardsBudva,which isnowalsoconnectedwithBečići via itsmain boulevard, you will also come across a tunnel – although a slightly longer and more interesting one. Gra ti and advertisements will direct you towards Budva, to the very start of the city that can now, as of this June, boast of standing side-by-sidewith the likes of Monte Carlo, Saint Tropez, Ibiza and other beaches that have been proclaimed as theworld’s best. Speci cally, the world famous Nikki Beach brand, which is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary, has arrived in Budva, with the support of Public Enterprise Morsko Dobro, so parties in thispart of theworldwill alsonowstart at sunset, andnot atmidnight! Nikki Beach founder JackPenrodwantedtoensure thatolderholidaymakersarealsoable tohaveagood time andhead tobed at a normal hour, which iswhy his beachparties begin at twilight. This luxury company with 14 beach clubs is recognised for its themed parties, international cuisine, white decorations and top DJs, but also for combining music, entertainment, lm, art and good food. It’s no wonder that Nikki Beaches worldwide are visited bymembers of the global elite and famous stars, and its map will now proudly also include Budva. The world famous Nikki Beach brand has arrived in Budva, so parties in Montenegro will also now start at sunset, and not at midnight Svetski poznati brend „Nikki Beach“ stigao je u Budvu, pa će i u Crnoj Gori žurke počinjati sa zalaskom sunca, a ne u ponoć