| 65 TIKA Osim da je Finska dom zvanično najsrećnijih ljudi na svetu, da tamo negde u hladnoj, mističnoj Laponiji živi Deda Mraz, da je postojbina čuvenih Mumijevih, da ima divne, a istovremeno i zastrašujuće polarne dane i polarne noći, nisam znala – ništa Apart from the fact that Finland is home to the world’s happiest people, that somewhere there in the cold, mystical Lapland lives Father Christmas, that it is the homeland of the famous Moomins, and that it has beautiful but also terrifying polar days and nights, I knew nothing THE BALTIC iStock / Leo Patrizi My closest contact with Finland duringthese30yearsoflifewas watchingaFinnish lminacinema hall in which I was - not countingmy friend - completely alone! I actually don’t believe I would ever have found myself that farnorth,whichtheysay ismade tomeasureformodernman,hadInotbeenin thefortuitoussituationto ndmyselfaboard Air Serbia’s rst ight to Helsinki, the capital of this Nordic country. The weather conditions in Serbia were suchthateventhecoldHelsinki represented warmerclimes,andtheFinnishsunseemedto me like a slice of paradise on that rst day of June.The rstimpressionofthisstrongdaughterof theBalticwasthesameforallofus–the entirecityisalmostdisturbinglyclean,andfor amoment you consider that youmust have found yourself in the place that is Archimedes’paradise.Whereveryouturn,youwill see unusual architectureandshapes inspiredby geometry, while the whole of Finland is the embodiment of spaciousness. Helsinki isacollectionofeverythingand allsorts,anditsstillonly500-year-longhistory hasplentythat’sinterestingtoo er, thoughit canbeboileddowntojustafewwords: large, spacious, clean, calm and harmonious. The Serbian soul, which is accustomed to chaos, noise, crowds and collisions, will initially feel almost uneasy ina citywhere everyone is minding their own business, but will just as quickly adapt to this strange moment of serenity. There is roomfor all inHelsinki and everyone is welcome. Looking around, you willsee-wideboulevards,tidyfootpaths,hundredsofmonumentsandco eeateverystep, as theFinns areactually theworld’snumber onenationwhenitcomestodrinkingco ee, pedestrians patiently awaitingagreen light