62 | : , / : , over the world, it’s up to festival programmers toseek themout andbring theminto the limelight. Critics have a role toplay too. You’ve been curator of the “Young spirit of Europe” selection at Palić for years. Howdo you see this year’s production? - Young Spirit is a wide-ranging section that encompasses experimental lms, documentaries and ction, plus somemusic videos and other wild-cards. Europe as we de ne it is a very big and enormously culturallydiverseplace, stretchingfromIceland toVladivostok, and it’s tough to identify particular“trends”when you’re talking about somany individual lmmakers.What excites me at the moment is when young directors realise they don’t need a camera to make a lm these days, or even a phone: if you have the vision and air, you canmakeanoutstanding lm(longorshort) just frommaterial that’s already out there on the internet. How do you see the Serbian lm scene? - Filmwas takenveryseriously inYugoslavia, as we all know, from Tito on down, and there are traces of that legacy in all the ex-YU countries, including Serbia. The countrysupportsa rangeof festivalsand it’s great that there are several living legends still around and still active, such as Želimir Žilnik, who are passing on their energy to kids decades their junior. But I’m encouragedthat teenagersandpeople intheirearly 20s are still so engagedwith cinema as a meansofexpression: lastyear inYoungSprit we world-premiered Street, Cry a lm by BojanTutić,whowasborn in theyear 2000! Where’s the place of the European Film Festival in Palić when compared to other relevant European festivals? - EFF has been around for more than a quarter of a century now, and is steadily growing in terms of international prestige and reputation. Crucial to that is getting guests from all over Europe and indeed the world -- this year we have travellers from as far away as Brazil and the USA: Nick Pinkerton, one of the top American critics, is coming for the first time as a member of the press jury. Which films are “unmissable”? On the first night of Young Spirit (21st July) we’re showing a Serbian film by Marija Kovačina -- she’s in the band VIS Limunada -- called “Dogs, moon river and baudelaire”, which is one of the very best things I’ve seen all year. A simple idea executed with genuine artistic brilliance. And, of course, the fact that Young Spirit shows at 10pm in the openair cinema at Kino Abazija will be ideal for atmospherically nocturnal films like “Night Horse”, by Belgian director Jeroen Van Der Stock. Last, but not least, since you are a regular guest in Serbia, are there any things that you are particularly happy about when you arrive? - I hadmy first ever pljeskavica when I first came to EFF as a jury member in 2011, and the meat dishes in Palić and Subotica never let me down; I love stumbling across newplaces that maybe don’t look so promising from the outside but are full of locals munching away. Gde jemestoFestivalaEvropskog filma Palić u odnosu na slične evropske festivale? – EFF postoji već više od četvrt veka i stalno raste u smislu međunarodnog ugleda. Od presudne je važnosti to što dolaze gosti iz svih krajeva Evrope i sveta. I ove godine putuju iz Brazila i SAD. Nik Pinkerton, jedanodnajvećihameričkihkritičara, prvi put dolazi kao član žirija. Šta nikako ne bismo smeli da propustimo? –Prvenoći festivala (21. jula) prikazujemo srpski film Marije Kovačine (koja je inače član benda VIS Limunada) podnazivom Dogs, Moon River and Baudelaire, što je jedna od najboljih stvari koje sam video ove godine. Jednostavna ideja izvedena sa istinskomumetničkom briljantnošću. I, naravno, činjenica da Young Spirit ima termin u 22 časa u bioskopu na otvorenom Abaziji. Sve to je idealna atmosfera za filmovekaošto je NightHorse belgijskog reditelja Jerona vander Stoka. Izakraj,alineinajmanjevažno, sadstevećčest gost, ima li nekih stvari kojimse posebno radujetekaddolaziteuSrbiju? – Prvi put sam probao pljeskavicu kada sam prvi put došao kao član žirija 2011. godine, a mesna jela na Paliću i u Subotici nikada me nisu izneverila. Volim da se „spotaknem“ o nova mesta koja možda ne izgledajutakoobećavajućespolja, ali su puna lokalaca koji jesu u slast. Evropski filmski festival održava se ove godine 26. put od 20. do 26. jula This year’s European Film Festival in Palić is being held for the 26th time from 20th to 26th July