60 | Neil Young sometimes watches as many as 60 lms per day, and that’s not too much for him. He doesn’t divide them into short and long works, nor is he interested in the genre, although he has always loved horror themost. He authors lmreviews forTheHollywood Reporter, adores festivals and is a member of FIPRESCI, so it should come as no surprise that he has been a member of the jury of the European Film Festival in Palić for years. He’s returning to our country again this year, and we asked him, for a start, why he likes horror and John Carpenter in particular? - To be honest, the genre chose me! As a child I was allowed to stay up late ondayswhen I didn’t have school the next day, and it so happened that in the UK in the 1970s and early 1980s horror lms were shown on Friday and Saturday nights. Also, there was the fascination of knowing about new lms that were in cinemas which I was barred fromseeing because I was too young. Carpenter has been among my favourites since those days -- I probably sawHalloweenwhen I was about 11 -- and I love theway he brings such technical virtuosity, humour and skill to his chosen genres. Are you, likeme after watchingmany scary lms, afraid of dark streets, cellars, TVs, video tapes, fog, hotels, small children, clowns, woods? - I startedwatchinghorror lmswhen Iwasabout four yearsold andby tenyears later I’dseenprettymucheverything. As a result of this, I’ve never beenbotheredby“spooky”things or gory imagery. You still watch lms on your small TV from1995... - I’mold-school; alsomy parents were born in industrial Sunderland in the 1930s and their attitudewas“use it until it breaks or wears out”. And, yes, I still havemy Sony telly from1995, onwhich I like to watch DVDs. I suppose even DVDs are old-school now.... Do you like American blockbusters, superheroes, Disney’s version of Star Wars etc.? - I take each lmon its ownmerits, but to be honest the“corporate mentality” behind many of the big-budget productions seems designed to eliminate genuine air anddirectorial personality. Every now and again a lovely uke occurs, like the maverick Taika Waititi getting the leeway to make Thor: Ragnarok, a kind of crazy comedy that often felt like a spoof of the whole genre. 3D, 4D, 16D... Areyouhappywithall these“D’s”anddoyou like to be ushed with rain drops in a cinema hall? - 3D is actually pretty good for horror lms, in the right hands. JoeDante’sTheHole and the 2010Piranha remake spring tomind. But the idea of being doused with vapour and“scent”while your chair rocks? Nah, that’s fairground-ride stu . Is there still any place for small, independent productions, arthouse and indie cinema? - Verymuch so, though of course, in terms of promotion and exposure, independent lms are really struggling tomake an impact when everybody’s writing about Game of Thrones or The Avengers. These days there are worthwhile lms being made all TOP 5 NAJBOLJIH FILMOVA IKADA? – American Graffiti (George Lucas), The Gratinated Brains of Pupilija Ferkeverk (Karpo Godina), The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger), Punch-Drunk Love (Paul Thomas Anderson) i jedan beogradski – Gerdy the Wicked Witch Ljubomira Šimunića. TOP 5 FILMS OF ALL TIME? - American Gra ti (George Lucas), The Gratinated Brains of Pupilija Ferkeverk (Karpo Godina), The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger), Punch-Drunk Love (Paul Thomas Anderson) and - the Belgrade one - Gerdy theWicked Witch by Ljubomir Šimunić. Independent lms don’t havemuch of a chance when everyone is writing about Game of Thrones or Avengers, but it is up to festival selectors and critics to seek themout and bring them some attention Nezavisni filmovi nemaju mnogo šanse kada svi pišu o „Igri prestola“ ili „Osvetnicima“, ali na selektorima festivala i kritičarima je da ih potraže i dovedu u centar pažnje Profimedia.rs