46 | Are you ready for an extra special pleasure ight experience?Want toplan your own route andbring along some friendswho can also enjoy the experience? Balkan Helicopters can help you organise a route according to your desires. These trips are a perfect way to see famous landmarks and stunning scenery, together with up to two friends per helicopter. Whether you’re celebratingabirthday, anniversaryor other special event, a scenic ight is a gift that is sure to impress! How everything started: World-class test pilot Goran Krneta and Serbian-American businessman Živorad Tomić, himself also a pilot, met in the summer of 2012. One has piloting skills that only a few in the world could match, while the other is business savvy and has a great passion for ying. It was out of that friendship that the idea to incorporate BalkanHelicopterswas born. Recognising that there were no private companies offering helicopter ight services in Serbia, the two set out to achievewhat looked like an impossible task at the time. However, the companymanaged to acquire all the required certificates in a very short period of time. Alongwith the“Helimaster” ight school establishedunder its umbrella, the company is today in a position to ful l almost every helicopter need one could have. If youhave special requirements or need fast, safeand reliable transport to the famousmountainsof Serbia, or anywhere else, an expert team is at your disposal for every agreement. Adrenaline adventures, a sweet surprise for a loved one, hedonism of the highest standard. Whatever the reason, a helicopter ight is an activity you simply must experience. Checkout theavailable tours at:www.balkanhelicopters.rs Balkan Helicopters INTRODUCING THETHIRD DIMENSIONTO YOURLIFE