| 31 STRAST POSVEĆENOST ISKRENOST DESIGN= PASSION, DEDICATION, HONESTY It has long been time for design to become an integral part of industry, and not just some mere super uous element, something out of the ordinary that is only the inclination of some rare, globally-aware investors and companies. Everyone on the market who is serious understands this, so I see the future of design in Serbia in a very positive light – says the renowned Futro SlavimirStojanović,akaFutro.ThisBelgrade-borndesigner,visualartistandwriter isamulti-award-winningauthorwhoseworkshavebeenpublishedinthemost importantpublicationsandcanbefoundintheworld’smuseumsofdesign, advertisingandart.HewasrecentlyincludedinTaschen’sHistoryofGraphicDesign andisthefounderof thecreativecommunicationsstudioFutroDesign.Theauthorof the AdventuresofSingiLumba,aseriesof illustratedchildren’sbooks,healsowrotethehitautobiographical novelDevet (Nine). Aprofessor at theFacultyofAppliedArts inBelgrade, he is alsoeditor-in-chief of Plima (Tide), avisual communicationsmagazine for students Yourworkwas recentlypublished inthebookTheHistoryofGraphicDesign, releasedbyTaschen.Howdidthiscollaborationcomeabout,andhowsatisfyingis it tobeacknowledgedandrewardedbyan international audience? Considering that we here in the southeast of Europe are eternally sidelined on the marginsof thecontinent,andthustotheperipheryofglobalcultural ows,beingincludedside-by-sidewithlegendsandrolemodelsofgraphicdesigninsuchanextensiveand important encyclopaedicpublication is somethingthat I notonlyconsider asapersonal success,butalsoasuccessof theentireculturalenvironment that Ipresentwithmywork. You’ve startedworking at the Faculty of AppliedArts inBelgrade.What is it important for you torelate tostudents? My aim is to save them years and years of chasing their own tail and to provide themwith insight into the broader picture, both of visual communication as a profession, and of the local environment and global circumstances in which they are preparing to create. The most important factor in this process is to develop three traits: passion, dedication and honesty. Youalsostartedworkingonamagazinewithstudents.What is it about? Magazine Plima (Tide) is dedicated to university students and school pupils who arebeing trained invisual communicationon the territory of Serbia, detailing their best projects and presenting this wave of talent every June. Plima’s editorial board comprises selected professors from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, which is alsowhere thismagazinewas launched. Plima is bilingual, produced inSerbianandEnglish, so it simultaneouslyrepresentsaplatformtopromoteourcreativitybeyondthebordersofSerbia.We’ve also devised the rst one-day conference of visual communications for next year, Plima 2020, at whichpupils and studentswill be able tohear lecturers fromthe region and Europe, with an awards ceremony to present prizes to the best student projects inthe eldsofgraphiccommunications, illustrations,photography,designsofpublications, posters, packaging, animation and typography. Howdoyousee the futureof design inSerbia? It has longbeen time for design tobecomean integral part of industry inour country, and not just somemere super uous element, something out of the ordinary that is only the inclinationof some rare, globally-aware investors and companies. Design stimulates sales and improves the functional and aesthetic qualities of everyday life. Everyone on the market who is serious understands this, so I see the future of design in Serbia in a very positive light Youarepart of thenewSerbiaCreatesplatform. - SerbiaCreates is a communicationplatformthat has themain taskof bringing together and marketing the country’s creative potential, in order to ease placements on developedmarkets. Apart from its communications directed abroad, the aspect directed towards citizens of Serbia is alsoof crucial importance to themotivationand identi - cationof youngcreativepeople.Thisplatform’sbrandinghasbeenconducted inamodernaestheticmanner that communicates universally thepositivemovement of human thought, the creative spark that moves an entire society, as well the necessity of breaking away fromestablished frameworks. Futro je dobitnik mnogih međunarodnih priznanja, a radovi mu se nalaze u nekim od najznačajnijih knjiga iz oblasti dizajna Futro is the recipient of a large number of international awards, and his works can be found in some of the most important books covering the field of design Radovi studenata vizuelnih komunikacija iz časopisa Plima Works by students of visual communications from Plima magazine