| 109 ThesecondBEGRunwayRunwasheld during the night between 8th and 9th June, organisedby theBelgrade MarathonandVINCIAirportsSerbia, under thepatronageof theCityof Belgrade. Thisuniqueandunforgettableeventwas held in an extraordinary atmosphere, with superbmusic, a reworksdisplayandawater cannon salute. The event included twice as manyrunnersandtopcompetitors fromSerbiaaslasttime,witharound1,000recreational runners fromthe country and the region, as well as all thosewhoenjoyhealthy lifestyles andrunning.Thisyear’s racebrought together a largenumber of employees of Belgrade NikolaTeslaAirport,aswellascolleaguesfrom other companies and institutions. Race preparations started at around 11pm, when the runners warmed up in a festival atmosphere and everyone enjoyed the rhythmon a drum, covered by a DJ and saxophone. Theracestarted,asistradition,at1:30am, followingthedepartureof thelastscheduled ight.Awatercannonsaluteandspectacular reworks signalled the start, while the race was followedbyattractivehelicopter ights. The length of the runway is ve kilometres and the participants ran three laps, partly on the runway and partly on the taxiway. Themen’scompetitionsawthetitlewon inlastyear’s rsteditionof thiseventdefended by Nemanja Cerovac, a top-ranked distance-runner andcross-racer, and long-time Serbiannational teammember,whorecordeda nal timeof 17:34minutes. Comingsecond was London Olympian Darko Živanović, witha timeof 17:46minutes, and taking third place was Miloš Raičević, with a time of 18:37 minutes. Teodora Simović, a participant in the marathon discipline at the World Championships in London, won the women’s competitionwithatimeof18:25minutes.Nevena Jovanović, champion of Serbia over 10,000 metres, tooksecondplacewithatimeof19:41 minutes, while third-placedNoraTrklja, one of Serbia’s top marathon runners over the past few years, nishedwith a time of 20:56 minutes. The winners of both competitions were greeted with a traditional water cannon salute. The top event organisation skills of the sta of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport were proven once again, with the clean-up operation leavingnothing to indicate that a race hadbeenheldontherunwayjust threehours before the start of the morning peak. After another spectacular event,webelieve that this unique and now traditional race in the region will contribute to further promotingBelgradeasa touristdestination, as well as Nikola Tesla Airport Belgrade. 1. Nemanja Cerovac 2. Darko Živanović 3. Miloš Raičević 1. Teodora Simović 2. Nevena Jovanović 3. Nora Trklja