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to build his town right here - a place where he could find his lost home. Everything in Drvengrad is marked by film, especially in mid-January, when it hosts the Kustendorf Film andMusicFestivalandyoucanbump into the Johnny Depp, Monica Bellucci andNikitaMikhalkov, strolling along Ivo Andrić Street and Nikola Tesla Square, or drinking hot rakija brandy in the tavern Kod Ćorkana… “I invented a city that seems as if it has always been inhabited. And it never was,” Kusturica would say. Hiking, running and cycling are sportingactivitiesthatarecateredfor withtrailsonMokraGora,whilethere is alsoa ski resort onMećavnik, Iver, at an elevationof 1,490metres a.s.l. AlsointhevicinityisthemostmysteriousSerbianvillage:Kremna,where Serbia’s greatest prophets lived. But these are just the start of all theinterestingwondersofMokraGora, as real enjoyment yet awaits you. The Šargan Eight is a narrow-gauge railwaythathasbeentraversedsince 1925by the steamtrainĆira. It once formedpartoftheBelgrade-Višegrad railway, but this sectionof trackwas closed to regular rail traffic in 1974. The railroadwas renovated in 2002, thistimeforheritagetourismpurposes, over a total length of 15,440metres, with a total of 22 tunnels. The ride will transport you straight into the past, at speeds of up to 50kph, making itsway between the treeline ofpineforestsandlarge,picturesque rocks that rise alongside the track. The last station is Šargan Vitasi, where the turntable point is also located and where you can find refreshment and rest, but also experience something else that’s unusual. Namely,there’sahuge,brown-coloured rock located here that’s known as the cosmic ball. Found in Kremna Šarganska osmica je pruga uskog koloseka i njome je od 1925. godine saobraćao voz na parni pogon /The Šargan Eight is a narrow-gauge railway that has been traversed since 1925 by the steam train during the 1980s, buried at a depth of about 3.5 metres, legend has it that it is millions of years old. But that’s not all: it is said that the cosmic ball grants love wishes. You just need to touch it with your hand and think of your wish. Kusturica says thatMokraGora deserved this acknowledgement as the best tourist ethno-village in the world,becauseahomehasbeenbuilt on this site that is visited by many morepeoplethananyonecouldhave initially imagined, and where individuals and the state have succeeded in roundingoffa completewhole, to which, he says, embellishments should now be added. There’s no doubt that the world willrushtoMokraGorafollowingthis accolade,anditremainsforustopreserve its spirit, nature and tradition for all the generations that have yet to enjoy this beauty. Ideja za izgradnju Drvengrada kod Kusturice se rodila za vreme snimanja filma Život je čudo Kusturica came up with the idea of constructing Drvengrad while shooting the film Life is a Miracle Serbia »Srbija | 89 Foto:MilošCvetković Foto:MilošCvetković