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R itam Srbije / Rhythm of Serbia 88 | Srbija» Serbia T he Wor l d Tour i sm Organ i z at i on has dec i ded There’s no better village than MokraGora You’ll find many ethno-villages on Serbia’s rich map, nestled between mountains with meadows and forests, but one of them is also officially the best and most beautiful in the world: Mokra Gora Mokra Gora is the best tourist village in the world! It was at the session of the General Assembly of theUNWorldTourismOrganization inMadrid thatMokraGorawas chosenfromamongmorethan170 competing villages from75 countries. Under the scope of the selection process, each member state was allowed to nominate three villages, and itwas decided following a session of the national commission of the Ministry of Trade and Tourism that Serbia would be representedbyMokraGora, Gostilje and Tršić. And Mokra Gora won! This tourist village that nurtures culture, celebrates tradition, offers possibilities to develop sustainable tourism and preserves biodiversity, andwhich lies between the mountains of Tara and Zlatibor. Thanks to the unique Šargan Eight and Drvengrad, it represents a tourist attraction in Western Serbia that is visited annually by a large numberoftourists.Nowit’salsoofficially that which has long been clear toitsvisitors-MokraGoraismagical. It is interesting to note that it’s not mountains, spas or lakes that are the most popular tourist destinationsinSerbia,butethno-villages, whichtransportusbacktosomeother times and familiarise us with the wayour ancestors lived, whilemaintaining all the comfort and benefits of the modern age. Drvengrad is just such an ethno-village, which was built by renowned filmdirector Emir Kusturica. Raised on Mećavnik hill, it has everything a city needs, though it’s built entirely of wood, as its name suggests [wooden town]. There are over 50 log cabins, the majority of which are authentic, having been transferred from surrounding Zlatibor villages inorder to testify to the traditionalwayoflifeandarchitecture of this area. Kusturica came upwith the idea of constructing Drvengrad while shooting the filmLife is aMiracle. Fascinated by the beauty of the snow-coveredMećavnik, hedecided Mokra Gora je od centra Zlatibora udaljena oko 45 kilometara Mokra Gora is located around 45 kilometres from the centre of Zlatibor Foto:MilošCvetković Foto:MilošCvetković