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Novi Sad »Novi Sad | 81 ists. These include more than 1,700 Europeanandworldartistsfromover 45 countries who will tell the story of the Serbian Athens through a lens of shared European values, but also challenges. The Year of Culture in Novi Sad begins with the Doček programme arch, which reaches its peakwith the formal opening ceremony, on 13th January, 2022, that will be marked by the multimedia play Zeniteum :: 2022, directedbyDraganŽivadinov and performed on one of the city’s mainboulevards, in front of Banska Palace,whichwillusearttocelebrate great names of Serbian science MilevaMarić Einstein andMilutinMilanković.Thegrandopeningwillalso bemarkedbyalarge,unusualexhibition entitled Time and the Cosmos, ondisplay in the hall of StudioM, as wellasexhibitions,concertsandperformancesatmorethan50locations around the city, which will begin on 12th January and are also planned for the 13th, 14th and 15th. Anduntilthen,takeatourofthe beautifulcityanddon’tmissouton… …a circuit of themain square Freedom Square is Novi Sad’s mainsquare,revealingthecity’smost beautiful architecture andmost important buildings.The Novi Sad Cathedral holds a prominent place on thenortheastofthesquare,facingthe Neo-Renaissance-style City Hall on theoppositeside.TheCatholicName ofMaryChurchdominatesNoviSad’s main square.The two longer sides of thesquareareframedbyfaçadesfrom the18thcentury.Theimpressivestatue in front of the City Hall is dedicated to Svetozar Miletic, a former Novi Sad mayor and political leader of Serbs in Vojvodina. …awalk down themain street In order to get to the Cathedral Church from the main square, you havetoenterZmajJovinaStreet,the city’smainpedestrianwalkway.This wideboulevard,representingamain artery of the city, is coveredwith the tables and parasols of outdoor cafes andbistros.Beautifularcadepassages withplasterceilingsrevealcourtyards thatarehometobakeries,boutiques and bars. Don't miss the chance to discoverwhatliesbehindthefaçades of Zmaj Jovina Street. …a stroll throughDanube Park Oneofthelargestandmostpopular areas of greenery inNovi Sad is DanubePark, whichboasts 250 species of trees, flowers and plants, including many varieties that are rare to this region, such as English oak. These trees form lines along winding lanes next to an artificial lake. Locals have gathered here since the park first opened in 1895. Located close to the bank of the Danube, it serves as a garden for some of Novi Sad’s most beautiful homes and the nearby Museum of Vojvodina. …exploring Petrovaradin Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad’s most famous landmark, is nicknamed “the Gibraltar of the Danube”. The foundation stone of today's fortification was laid in 1692, and here you’ll see remnants from the time when the area was under Roman, Ottoman and Hungarian rule. Petrovaradin lives on as one of the country’s most impressive monuments. It has two levels, upper and lower, which are separated by a moat and connected via arched gateways, drawbridges, earthen rises and underground tunnels. Like Belgrade’s Kalemegdan, this Novi Sad fortress also hasn’t been converted into a museum (although it does house a museum and a planetarium), but rather has been mostly left as an open-air playground with a series of public spaces. There is also the Clock Tower, which was gifted to the city by Austrian Empress MariaTheresa and has inverted hands – with the big one indicator the hours and the small one showing the minutes, thus enabling fishermen on the Danube to check the time from afar. Trg slobode je glavni novosadski trg koji otkriva najlepšu arhitekturu i najvažnije građevine FreedomSquare is Novi Sad’s main square, revealing the city’s most beautiful architecture and most important buildings Foto:Depositphotos/Nedomacki Foto:Depositphotos/xbrchx