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80 | Novi Sad» Novi Sad R itam Srbije / Rhythm of Serbia Europ ean Cap i ta l of Cu lt ur e 202 2 Freedom, Rainbow, Hope and Love Rocked by the undulating waves of the Danube and protected by a fortress dating back to the 17th century, Novi Sad was selected as the 2022 European Capital of Culture and thus became the first non-EU city to ever hold this title Planning a trip to Serbia? Don't miss out on Novi Sad, the city that was declared the 2019 European Youth Capital and the 2022 EuropeanCapitalofCulture(shiftedfrom 2021due to thepandemic).Theprogrammenarrativeoftheproject“Novi Sad - EuropeanCapital of Culture” is basedon the slogan “ForNewBridges",whichrepresentstheideaofconstructing new ‘bridges’ of cooperation and exchange between artists and organisations from Novi Sad, and the rest of Serbia, and Europe’s culture scene. Fourbridgingprogrammeshave beendefined,namedsymbolicallyafterthecity’sexistingDanubebridges, butalsothevaluesthatthecitystrives todevelop in the context of its Europeanintegrationandtheconvictions that it nurtures and strives to share with all Europeans: Freedom, Rainbow, Hope and Love. These bridges are divided into programme arches, a total of eight of which await us in 2022: Doček, Migrations, Future of Europe,Heroines, Fortress of Peace, theDanubeSea,KaleidoscopeofCulture and Other? Europe. The artistic concept of the project is basedon the core values of the EuropeanUnion:humanrights,multiculturality, intercultural dialogue, environmental awareness andpeace policies.The programme arches, i.e., thematic units, were developed by connectingthesevalueswiththehistory,cultureandidentityofNoviSad. Overthecourseof2022,thecitywill present itself as the European Capital of Culture through more than 1,500culturaleventsandwith4,000 local, national and international artFoto:Depositphotos/goceristeski