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Net »Mreža | 73 Najvažniji savet koji će aktivirati vaš ljubavni GPS je da fert, što pre, prenesete izvan mreže The most important piece of advice that will activate your love GPS is to shift your flirting to the offline world as soon as possible When it comes to dating, we rely more on software than on the support of friends, flirting via social media, lit by the blue light of the screen. Is that good? Who knows? Is it inevitable? O yes! We could spend hours debating whether, in this era of inflated egocentrism on social media, Romeo and Juliet would have a joint Facebook account, with blocks on their immediate and distant relatives. Now, when 1998’s You'veGot Mail seems cutely retro, it’s clear that the key scenes of Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffany's wouldn’t have been so fateful had they been set in the age of Instagram. Newusers of dating apps number in the billions every year, but you don't even need to join a dating site to findplentyofpotentialsingles.Even those who don’t use platforms intendedexplicitly for dating areprobably much more prone to flirting through their keyboard than they’d care to admit. Research conducted by behaviourists has shown that freedom in socialmedia-based communication varies depending on culture. Countries with mentalities that we perE r a of on l i ne f l i rtat i on Has love been lost in the networks? In these digital times, when likes have replaced winks andWhatsApp messages are the new love letters, it seems we’re more confused than ever when it comes to falling in love ceive aswarmer –Brazil, Spain, Italy – have proven much more likely to flirt via social media than more restrained cultures, such as those of the Nordic countries, where highly structured dating apps have tended to be the preference. Now, herewe come to the problemof why ‘single’ is themost commonconnectionstatus onFacebook globally. While being charmed digitally gives us an instant dose of dopamine, making us feel noticed and desirable, it lacks those miniscule but important gestures of affection that we can only show each other live and in person (and, no, we don’t mean InstagramLive). Facial expressions andbody language help us decode signals, to feel whether a natural connection exists – while being bombardedwithmessages on anyapponlydeepensourconfusion. Nevertheless, not everything is lost inadvance: relationship experts say that the most important piece of advice that will activate your love GPS is to shift your flirting to the offline world as soon as possible. That may seem like the most glaringly obvious piece of advice ever - but you have no idea how many people never evendare to test a vibe from messages face to face. Don't be part of that unhappy collective, embolden yourself enough to call to meet someone. Whether it's for coffee, a walk in the park or dinner, you gain the common context for a conversation through which you’ll discover much more than you’d be able to online.