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64 | Beograd» Belgrade It all begins in the early afternoonhoursofNewYear'sDay, when people gather in Svetogorska Street, the Street of the Open Heart. Traffic is halted to allow the youngsters and their chaperones tomove fromstall to stall, trying candy floss and other sweet treats, enjoying the performances of jugglers and checking to see if Santa's beard is real or J anuary i n B e lgr ade Festive joys of a snow-swept city January renders Belgrade one of the world’s most romantic cities, but that doesn’t retract from its title as the “capital of entertainment”, though that entertainment tends to be found during the day, and mostly on the city’s streets fake, while not forgetting to buy a clown’s plastic red nose – because thatmoney goes to charitable causes.The adults also indulge in intoxicatingmulledwine, because its 1st January and they have no need to rush anywhere. Sweet treats on Knez, romance at Kalemegdan While heading home, or back to the hotel, Belgraders and the city’s guests stop to spend time in the parks, which have been transformed into a multitude of mini-winter wonderlands, spruced up with decorations and delicacies. The following days, while everyone is relaxing, provide the ideal time for a stroll along Knez Mihailova Street, whichhas gained the appearance of a glistening tunnel. Alongside the festive mood provided by street musicians, the atmosphere is also shaped by log cabins offering various delights. Just a step or two further and you can already be at the Belgrade Fortress, the rich history of which seems to be slumbering in January. The whitened Kalamegdan will cause your heart to dance with romance, with its icy parks and snow-covered towers taking on a fairy-tale appearance – particularly at night, when subtle lighting is switchedonand the river shimmers at the foot of the ramparts. Christmas at the Temple of Saint Sava Belgrade residents and guests ease leisurely and with a sense of romance into 6th January, ready to celebrate Christmas Eve, which is commemorated on that date in the part of the Orthodox world that observes the Julian calendar. Inall churches, priests recite prayers for an abundant year ahead, while the believers arriving with ‘badnjak’ Yule branches for burning on Foto:OliverBunić