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Fashion »Moda | 59 Ivana je, primajući nagradu za najbolju atletičarku, blistala u jednostavnom i elegantnom izdanju /When accepting the award for the best female athlete, Ivana shone in a simple, elegant piece fash i on des i gner j e l ena bukv i ć atanaskov i ć Jelena Bukvić Atanasković is a Cetinje native with a Belgrade address, a girl who has introduced a dash of Orthodox ornamentation to our fashion scene, by finding a way to use her Yeya brand to preserve and present cultural heritage in an innovative way. The patterns and ornaments visible on the walls of the greatest Orthodox monasteries, fromOstrog, Ravanica, Manasija and Hilandar, to the Patriarchate of Peć, have found a place for themselves in unique pieces, as a slice of history onmodern articles of clothing. “By creating timeless, classic pieces decoratedwith these authentic patterns, I wanted to send a message about the wealth of heritage, awareness of the imporMonastery ornamentation as fashion inspiration An unusual link between traditional and contemporary creativity has found its way onto the catwalks, transforming tradition into wearable everyday articles tance of our lands and, at the same time, about modern society, which follows the world fashion scene,” explains this designer. In six years, by carefully selectingmaterials, scrutinising the quality of workmanship andwith an authentic design, Jelena has found her way into the hearts of many self-aware, strong and influential women; women who know very well the connection between fashion and tradition, as well as the proper way to wear and recognise the articles of this unusual brand. They include Princess Danica Karađorđevic, Ivana Španović, our best female athlete, and many others… “My collaborations generally confirm that nothing ever happens by chance… My aspiration, wish and idea that my designs would be worn by special women is exactly what happened, with one chance encounter, and Princess Danica - herself an artist - recognised that immediately. I connected with Ivana via social media. I believe that she liked the symbolism carried by the pieces, but again it’s no coincidence that ornamentation is nurtured, worn and loved by our best female athlete,” says Jelena. She explains that her goal is for her brand to be part of the current fashion industry, recognisable beyond the borders of our country, and with the mark of bygone centuries. “By using local resources exclusively and relying heavily on production by hand and in small series, preserving traditional crafts, and using natural materials, we also raise awareness of environmental protection. It is precisely this bond between traditional and contemporary creativity that keeps us on course”. The collection is dominated by striking pieces, coats and jackets with men’s lines in combination with romantic dresses, shirts and wide trousers and high-waisted Bermuda shorts, with cuts that draw on a subtle retro style. When wearing them you’ll feel simultaneously feminine and powerful. Tekst/Words: Ana Lađarević Fotografije/ Photography: Ema Bednarž, Vis-a-Vis Jakov Simonović (Gloria)