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Moda / Fashion 56 | Trendovi » Trends Kovanica je nastala od skraćenice Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts aludirajući na užinu trail mix,koja se tradicionalno sprema za planinarenje, i sufiksa za žanrove u popkulturi The name was coined from the abbreviation for the colloquial term “Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts”, in reference to the “trail mix” traditionally prepared for hiking – with the suffix representing a reference to pop culture genres Foto:Profimedia.rs/GuccixTheNorthFaceviaBestimage Foto:Profimedia.rs/ShowBit TheMountain), so itwasn’t difficult to presume that he was inevitably inspired by hiking equipment. The showwas carriedbySimon's favouriteInstagramgirls–HadidsistersGigi and Bella, but also Kendall Jenner, for whom this also marked her return to the catwalks after a break. Kendallhastakenherroleastheface of Jacquemus very seriously, which is why she’s still walking around in front of the paparazzi sporting the French gorpcore style even after returning from Paris to LA. While remaining faithful to his Provence-sweetenedcolourcode,he nonetheless implemented a kind of subversion. Instead of taking us to the lavender fields or the Marseille coast, he took us on an introspectiveadventureinsideametaphorical tent that was represented by both the scenography and the visual included in the invitation. “I wanted to focus on silhouettes, the details and the energy... I wanted the set to beminimal and sharp, recreating an abstractmountain that portrays the inspirations of the collection,” said theFrenchman,whosebrandishighly valued in today's global marketplace,givinghimunquestionableauthority in creating the atmosphere of a trend that others will follow - even along anuntrodden trail in the mountains. Whatever the case, this imaginative melange of hi-tech jackets, frayed tracksuits, woolly hats, bulky bags and robust footwear reflects the generally accepted style of dress in the COVID era better than any other trend discourse. And that will probably remain so when the new normal has become old news.