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Trends »Trendovi | 55 Foto:Profimedia.rs/DrewVickers for Jacquemus/MEGA/TheMegaAgency Camp i ng ch i c Gorpcore is a hit, but what is it actually? This adventurous style that’s inspired by hiking equipment is an absolute trend, and for very good reason Inaccordancewiththe canonofthefashionindustry, some trends are born to thunderous applauseoncatwalkparades, whileothers–drivenbymajorcultural shifts –naturally emerge as street styletrends.However,theunexpected sometimes happens. In a precedent worthy of a sociological paper, designersperchedinstudiosthatare reminiscent of stylised ivory towers and us ordinary folk, who follow fashion but don’t live exclusively by its dictates, have reached the same conclusion. And this time around that idea also has a name, albeit an infinitely cryptic one: “gorpcore”. The name was coined from the abbreviation for the colloquial term “Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts”, in reference to the “trailmix” traditionally prepared for hiking – with the suffixrepresentingareferencetopop culture genres. The first time it appearedinwrittenformwasina2017 article forwebsiteThe Cut authored byjournalistJasonChen,whousedit todescribethephenomenonofluxurycampingequipmentmaterialising inthecollectionsofdesignerbrands. Pricey versions of Birkenstock slippers created by Celine and JW Anderson, oversized Marni rucksacks that canbe easily combinedwithauthentic hiking equipment, Balenciaga and Marques Almeida overcoats that resemble stylised sleepingbags, Burberry trench coats with seatbelt buckles… And, perhaps craziest of all, the collaboration between Florence-based bastion of luxury Gucci and feather-down jacket maker North Face. There are many examples, and each of them is equally deserving of the description “camping chic”, or the description that ismost easily adapted to the Serbian language: “adventure style”. Althoughthelastfewyearshave seenmanyprestigious fashion companies flirt with the idea of utilitarian collections, no one has better capitalised on themoment than the golden boy of the Paris fashion scene.Yes,you’veguessed,we'retalking about Simon Porte Jacquemus. His autumn-winter 2021/22 fashionshowhadanobviousassociation in the name itself (La Montagne – Fenomen opreme za kampovanje dobio je svoje luksuzno opredmećenje u kolekcijama dizajnerskih marki The phenomenon of luxury camping equipment materialising in the collections of designer brands Foto:Profimedia.rs/ "courtesy,MarniviaPixelformula