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Sustainability »Održivost | 53 trends come and go. She hopes that young people will wise up and that it will become more important for them to ‘BE’ than to ‘HAVE’. She considers the concept that she established at the beginning of her career as a privilege. She dressed mothers,followedbydaughters,and then grandchildren. Daughters today wear dresses that their mothers bought from her 20 years ago. Giogrio Armani declared at the beginning of the pandemic that his spring collection will also sell in the autumn,becausethesearenotpieces created to be disposable, but rather seriouslydesignedandimplemented garments that have a story and are not subject to passing trends, but ratherareenvisagedtolast.ForVerica,thatinterviewprovidedatailwind at a juncturewhen shewas wondering whether her system of working with unique pieces would survive this time of hyperproduction. Igor would also put his own signature to everything that was stated by the great Armani. “He is undoubtedly one of the biggestnamesofalltimeonthemap of world fashion, and his interview hadhuge significance. In that sense, I’m in total agreement that one of the ideas is precisely the durability of the author’s signature and the authenticity of each piece. Armani states loudly that the aesthetics and durability of products outweigh the challenges or dictates of the season and the trend, and he thereby celebrates the quality and ethics that fashion has lacked in recent times,” says Todorović. Handwork as indispensable inspiration,heritage,somethingthatis ineachofus,evenatanunconscious level, is one of themain drivers and sourcesofinspirationforcollections. With all the benefits of industrialisation, working by hand was somewhat marginalised at one time, but it’s nowmaking a comeback in a big way. As Igor says, ornaments and handmade items are authentic and veryoftenprovideauniquetestimonytotheareatheycomefrom,which is why they should be nurtured and approachedintherightway,through a fashion language that will also be understood by millennials, and not only fans or connoisseurs of traditional crafts. Verica actually constructed her entirefashionoeuvreonstudiedtradition, with the idea of each one of her pieces leaving itsmark.We recall the shows presented at Haute Couture Fashion Weeks in Rome that were inspired by traditional Serbian civilian costumes… She proudly presented the richness of our heritage and gave importance to the concept of sustainable fashion. Ultimately, every fashion collection is a little fashion story behind which stands a designer. Still, that collection is also envisaged to be worn by someone. Igor and Verica are in agreement that their creations are primarily intended for a womanwhoisstrongandtruetoherself, and that kindofwomandoesn’t shop spontaneously, but ratherwith planning. Verica podržava proizvođače koji biraju reciklirane i biorazgardive materijale, ali sama ostaje verna prirodi. Za nju postoje samo svila, pamuk, lan, vuna, viskoza i kašmir While Verica supports manufacturers who opt for recycled and biodegradable materials, she herself remains faithful to nature. For her, only silk, cotton, linen, wool, viscose and cashmere exist Danas se tehnologija toliko razvila da je iznenađujuće inspirativno baviti se novim reciklabilnim ili biorazgradivim materijalima koji svojim karakteristikama stvaraju mogućnost za nove kreativne izazove Technology has today evolved so much that it is surprisingly inspiring to work with new recyclable or biodegradable materials that possess qualities which lead to new creative challenges