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Moda / Fashion 52 | Održivost» Sustainability Ve r i ca R akočev i ć and I gor Todorov i ć Whichever topicwe discuss, we can’t avoid the story of ecology, sustainability and our relationship towards the planet. And that’s even the casewhenwe talk about fashion, and perhapsmost of all when we talk about it – consider these celebrated representatives of Serbian fashion TheBelgradeCityAssemblyrecentlyprovidedthe setting for thefirst show of sustainable fashion in Serbia, at which pieces createdbydesignersVericaRakočević and Igor Todorović were presented. Thesetwogreatsofourfashionscene havejoinedthepublicstruggletopromote sustainable fashion, but also the understanding that this doesn’t implyonly recycling, but rather pieces that are created with the idea of beingdurable, costing enough to ensure that every worker involved in the process can be adequately renumerated, and which can be repaired whenwornout and represent something that canbepassedon to future generations. Thesecondpartofthestoryis,of course, recycled, biodegradable and recyclable materials that are under development, but not yet to an extent sufficient for them to replace natural ones. “The fact is that themodern age and the rapid flow of information brings fast fashion. Brands have Sustainability as a lifestyle and a fashion style emergedthathaveexperiencedgreat expansion with hyper production, thus endangering the environment drastically,” says Verica, before continuing, “sustainable fashion is fashion which, apart from natural materials, supports sensiblepurchases, small serial production and handmade items. I’ve implemented sustainabilityinmycollectionsfromthe beginning;I’vebeenworkinginfashion for 38 years andmy fashion has been sustainable since the very first day. I work exclusively with naturalmaterials, small collections, with workingconditionsthateveryworker would like to have.” Igor Todorović continues in the samevein,emphasisingthat,forhim, this is amoremeaningful termthan one that would be couched in the context of merely recycling fabrics. “Sustainable fashion is primarily responsible; it understands and respects the planet and the ecosystem, is ethical in the steps that are part of the fashion system and production chain and, last but by no means least, aesthetically. I think it’s essential to be aware that fashion is one of the planet’s major polluters,” says Igor. Heconsidersthattheyearahead suggestsmanynewtrendsthatwon’t have adetermining factor that could define them in a couple of descriptions of colour, cut or pattern, because fashion is liberal and open to newchallengesandresearchfindings. “In that sense, 2022 will be marked by the re-examining of certain forms or patterns in the context of an altered lifestyle and the need to set newguidelines, andeven attitudes. Hence the emergence of what is today a new term in fashion – sustainability. Not only in the senseofwhat canbe categorisedunder the eco fashion system, but also under the overall systemof fashion as a whole. I think that 2022 is the year of reintegrating some fashion rules and views on those rules,” considers Igor. What’s trendy has never been thesubjectofVerica’sinterest,which is why she considers that every collection of hers is sustainable, while