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Series »Serija | 19 Logan Roy Logan has that Citizen Kane mystery Jesse Armstrong runs a writing room full of writers who are constantly finessing the script. And he also lets the actors try the lines in a variety of ways. As someone who’s done a lot of stage work, does that way of working appeal to you? “Oh, I love the way Jesse works. He’s unique. He worries if it’s too perfect! He doesn’t like perfection; he wants tomess it up! He’s just fantastic. And everything is always surprising. And it’s so human – he really does understand, and he doesn’t judge the characters. It’s so easy to take this show and judge everything, but he never does. It’s always going in the route that you never expect.” You have a very active film career, too. What is it about this show, and this character, that makes you want to return, and to devote so much of your working life to it? “For me the appeal of Logan is his mystery. We don’t know who he is. I’m still discovering who he is. It goes back to episode nine of the first series, they suddenly decided he was born in Dundee having said he was born in Quebec! I said: ‘What the hell’s going on? I’ve been playing this guy fromQuebec for the last eight episodes and suddenly I’m a Dundonian!’ And Jesse said ‘Oh, you left very early, it’s OK, before the War, they took you away to Canada when you were a kid!’ But it was a bit of a shock. And that’s what’s really been interesting for me. Because I’m a Dundonian, We were the people that lived in the land that time forgot for so long.” So, having this deep-seated understanding of Logan’s background, what he’s been through, and of his mettle, helps you do the world-building of his character? “Absolutely. The Dundonian thing helped, although it confused me a little bit as I had to match my background against his. He had a much more bitter experience thanmine –mine wasn’t toowonderful. I’ve written a memoir about my home and history…But Logan came up on a rack in some kind of way. He’s a very disappointed man. And in a way he’s got that Citizen Kane mystery about him. And that’swhat youhave to keep intact: Logan’smystery. I’mtoomuchof ablabbermouth, that’smyproblem!” Where do we find Logan in series three? “There’s a new challenge. There’s this usurping sonwho’s trying to prove himself and Logan knows the boy is in for a bruising, just because he’s such a complicated lad, youngKendall. Andhe’s sucha lonely boy.There’s nothing Logan can do about that. But he loves him. The thing I asked Jesse right from the word go is: ‘Does he love his children?’ And he said: ‘He absolutely loves his children.’ So once you’ve established that, howmuch his childrenmean to him, and how disappointing it all becomes, that’s fodder for the whole show: at root, we never see it, he mladi Kendal komplikovanmomak, usamljeni dečak. Ipak, otac ne može ništa da uradi povodom toga. Ali on ga voli. Džesija sam pitao od samog početka: „Da li Logan voli svoju decu?“, a on je rekao: „Da, on apsolutno voli svoju decu.“ Dakle, kada ste to ustanovili, koliko mu deca znače i kako razočaravajuce sve postaje, to je hrana za celu priču: u osnovi, mi to nikada ne vidimo, on to ne izražava, ali ih voli. Ne biste rekli da je bilo ko od ovih ljudi veBr i an Cox Foto:DavidM.Russell