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Air Serbia »Er Srbija | 15 VipavaValley Discover the green land of fine culinary delights, year-round active adventures and breath-taking nature. Below Slovenia’s high Karst plateaus lies the Vipava Valley, representing the beauty caught between the Alpine, Karst and the Mediterranean world, which basks in the sun. This is where the fine flavours of special wines mature, where the succulent scents of maturing fruit spread, and where picturesque villages shimmer among the green hills. When the Bora wind blows through the valley, it is wise to find shelter at one of the numerous wine cellars and taste the delicacies produced by the Vipava soil. And when the sun caresses the landscape again, it is time to wander – whatever the time of year. SočaValley Escape on an active break in the picturesque world of the River Soča. Its Valley is the leading outdoor destination in Slovenia, a place of action, festivals and discoveries. The emerald green river enables various water sports, while numerous thematic trails run along the river and reveal the heritage of the valley. It is here that the vibrant River Soča shows its true character and shines in all its beauty, so be sure not to forget your camera. Piran Slovenia’s coastline may only cover a mere 47 kilometres – but it’s packed with enticing towns. None of them is more picturesque than Piran. The gem of the Slovene Riviera and one of the most beautiful settlements in the entire country, Piran is a historical harbour town set on a narrow peninsula, hemmed in on three sides by the Gulf of Trieste. Half a millennium of Venetian rule left its mark on the town, as you can probably see from the architecture, and Venice itself is Ljubljana je zeleni grad koji kombinuje šarmmale prestonice i samopuzdanje velikih gradova Ljubljana is a green city that combines the charmof a small capital and the selfconfidence of large European cities just a two-and-a-half-hour drive away. Piran is similar to other walled towns along the Adriatic coast, such as Kotor and even Dubrovnik. And yet, it feels completely different – quieter and more peaceful. Ljubljana A lively, green city that combines the charm of a small capital and the self-confidence of large European cities, Ljubljana is the green capital of a green country. The area on either side of the river, with its picturesque bridges and central market, owes its distinctive appearance to great architect Jože Plečnik. This city of thousands of events is surrounded by parks and areas of protected nature, but don’t miss these three sites: 1. The Dragon Bridge, adorned with famous dragon statues, appears in the most recognisable images of Ljubljana. If you haven't had your picture taken next to the Dragon Bridge, you can hardly claim to have visited Ljubljana. Its four statues, which look slightly terrifying and almost real, are masterpieces that have been exciting imaginations since the bridge was first erected. 2. Ljubljana Castle, standing on a hill overlooking the city, has been Ljubljana's main attraction for about 900 years. The castle's Viewing Tower and ramparts offer some of the most beautiful views of the city, while the castle houses a museum exhibition of Slovenian history, a puppet museum and a number of historical chambers, as well as the Chapel of St George, the Dungeon and a video presentation room called Virtual Castle. 3. Get acquainted with the life and works of famous architect Jože Plečnik, who left an indelible mark on the Ljubljana cityscape. Visit Plečnik House to see the architect's home, preserved exactly as it was during his lifetime, and view the permanent exhibition showcasing his work.. Ljubljana /Ljubljana Foto:Depositphotos/MatejKastelic