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Kranjska gora je atraktivno planinsko i turističko mesto tokom cele godine Kranjska Gora is an attractive mountain tourism and sports centre throughout the year Air Serbia »Er Srbija | 13 Bled Lake Bled, along with the castle perched on a cliff overlooking it, represents one of Europe’s most beautiful Alpine resorts. This tourist gem located on the edge of Triglav National Park provides a fairy-tale image, romantic and timeless. There is much to keep you busy, but don't rush too much, as Bled isn't the place for that. What can top an early morning stroll around the lake itself? Followed by a ride on a traditional pletna boat to Slovenia's only island?! This is Bled's answer to Venice's gondolas. Visit St. Mary’s Church and the monumental staircase with 99 stone steps leading from the harbour to the top of the island. There are many urban legends about Bled Island, some of which even inspired Slovenia’s greatest poet, France Prešeren. However, there is one particular legend that is the best known: the legend of the sunken bell. The Bell of Desire was made in Padua in 1534. At the same time, in Bled Castle, a young widow wept for her departed husband, whose body had been thrown into Lake Bled. She collected all her silver and gold and cast them into a new bell, with which she wanted to honour her dead love. The bell never arrived on the island, sinking in a raging storm, along with the boat and all the men aboard. Local residents of Bled say that they can still hear the bell, together with voices rising from the depths of the lake. After this accident, the desperate young widow sold all her possessions and left to take up residence at a nunnery in Rome. After her death, the Pope instructed that a new bell be forged and sent to Bled Island, KranjskaGora A world-class ski centre is nestled in the Julian Alps at the point of the tri-border between Slovenia, Italy and Austria. Kranjska Gora is an attractive mountain tourism and sports centre throughout the year. During the winter months, it hosts competing Alpine skiers and sees top ski jumpers break new records at the nearby Planica. Cyclists also endeavour to conquer Slovenia’s highest mountain pass, while there are many points of interest where hikers can stop and take in the stunning scenery. Bohinj Bohinj is a paradise valley in the embrace of the Julian Alps. Lake Bohinj, which sits at the heart of Triglav National Park, one of the oldest national parks in Europe, is Slovenia’s largest natural lake, situated at the foot of unspoilt mountains and towering peaks. The lake’s water temperature rises to 22°C during the summer, while it sometimes freezes in winter. It is among the most beloved areas in Slovenia, but remains underrated, living in the shadow of Lake Bled's fame. Bohinj is a magnificent lake that, unlike Bled, has remained wilder and less touristy. So, don't miss the chance to visit if you love nature. 22°C dostiže Bohinjsko jezero tokom leta, a zimi se ponekad i zaledi The lake’s water temperature rises to 22°C during the summer, while it sometimes freezes in winter where it still stands today, near St. Mary’s Church. Those who ring the Bell and announce their wish to the beloved widow of Lake Bled can be heard, and their wishes will be granted. So the legend goes… There is also Slovenia's oldest castle, which towers majestically over Lake Bled keeping watch over its waters. No one comes to Bled without making the 130-metre trek up to the summit, where they are repaid tenfold for the effort with breath-taking views over the lake and the nearby Alps. Kranjska gora /Kranjska gora Bled/Bled