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Frankfurt »Frankfurt | 103 Sklonite se sa hladnoce i uđite u jedan od mnogih muzeja u Frankfurtu Escape the cold and enter one of Frankfurt’s many museums We lcome to Ge rmany We’re taking you to Frankfurt There are few places in Europe that are more beautiful than Frankfurt on a crisp, cold, winter’s day, alongside a glass of apple wine and slice of Frankfurt crown cake Foto:Depositphotos/Sborisov Foto:Depositphotos/AndreBonn Germany’sfinancialcentre might not be the first place to cross your mind as a destination for a winter getaway. However, you might find yourself surprised, as this city offers ample activities to keep you occupiedover the festive season. So, wrapupwarm, don your gloves and hat, and experience everything that Frankfurt has to offer with its rich history, modern architecture, fantastic cuisine and arts scene. And it also has some small yet magical things that you shouldn’t miss… Take a tram ride This is a fun and excitingway to see the city. A ride on the Ebbelwoi Express tram lasts around an hour and leads you through the city, enabling you to soak up its cultural and historic sights. As an added treat, you can also try some of the local apple juice or cider as you enjoy the comfort and warmth of the tram. Go shopping on the Zeil The Zeil district is packed with various shops and international deme scan signer brands. If you want to do some shopping while in the city, this is definitely the right place. Buy a souvenir and treat yourself or a lovedone to some unique items from the German fashion scene. Sample local specialities Frankfurt has a well-known love for apple wine, which you’ll certainly discover during your stay! This tipple is extremely popular here and can be found in almost every pub and restaurant in the city. Apart from this interesting wine, another ‘must’ is Frankfurt’s famous crown cake, which was first made in 1735. Of course, we won’t recommend the pork knuckle, Frankfurter sausages and beer – you undoubtedly already know about those famous specialities. Take in the view from the cathedral Frankfurt Cathedral, otherwise known as the gothic Church of St. Bartholomew, dominates the skyline of the Old Town and certainly represents a good place for taking photographs. Visitors can admire its architecture and beautiful interior, or climb the tower to enjoy majestic views over Frankfurt. Enjoy the warmth of the Palmengarten Frankfurt’s renowned Palmengarten is one of the city’s most beloved attractions, enticing millions of visitors each year. The indoor area is particularly popular during the winter months, with its wide range of different plants. Various activities and family events are held here for everybody to enjoy, so both you and your children are sure to have a good time.