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Destinacija / Destination 100 | Berlin» Berlin Berlin, a city that had special significance to this artist, has reciprocated by staging an impressive retrospective exhibition entitledHelmutNewton,Legacy.Initiallyplannedforthepandemicyear of 2020, which marked the centenary of Newton’s birth, it was postponedforjustifiablereasonsandhas now finally seen the light of day in this German metropolis’s Museum of Photography. Set upon the spaciousfirst floor honor i ng a gr eat art i st Berlin remembers Helmut Newton A retrospective of one of the 20th century’s greatest artists shows why this legendary photographer is still an exemplarymaster of shock, and you’ll be able to enjoy the exhibition until mid-May during the era in which he created – isn’t a pretty housewife from an advertisement or a polished cover girl. She is the heroine of her own life, who wordlessly but unambiguously presents herself to us as powerful and dangerous. The exhibition includes around 300 works (half of which are being shown for the first time) and the public will finally get to see many lesser-knownphotographs – including a number of his more unconventional fashionphotographs that are surprising in the context of the period when they were created. AlthoughNewton also shot in colour, it seems that the mentioning of his nameandfascinatinglegacyprompts us to think of the kind of dance of light and shadow that’s provided by blackandwhitecontrast.Onecurios factisthatNewtondistinctlydisliked shooting in a studio. While working for well-known fashion magazines like Vogue France, which he generously lent his creative charisma to during the 1960s and ‘70s, of the museum, the retrospective chronologicallytraceshislifeandthe visual legacy he bequeathed to the world.WhatmadeHelmut a legend, with the kind of superiority in subversionandperfectionismofportraiture that are seenonly once ina generation,wasn’tonlyground-breaking talentrefinedthroughanelaborative familiarity with visual art - but also unbridled inquisitiveness in evoking the intimate nature of the personalities who found themselves in front of his camera lens. Yes, the central point of his oeuvre is occupied by images of the 20th century’smostbeautifulmodels. These women, along with the unusual angles fromwhich he captured them and the dramatic lighting he used, gave each of his many iconic scenes thequalityof a still shot from some unrecorded filmmasterpiece, and imbued in everymodel the aura of a glamorous Amazonwarrior in a world that’s almost beneathher.His woman – in contrast to the dominant style of fashion photography Foto:Profimedia.rs/PacificPress/ddpUSA