Beauty » Lepota | 81 TheMillennial generation prefer to buy after listening to the recommendation of someone from their circle of friends or niche influencers COSME T I CS R EVOLU T I ON I N F RONT OF OUR E Y ES New ideals of naked, pure, natural beauty During a time when trusted influencers are testing innovations in beauty that they will reveal everything about to us, more than ever cosmetic brands must pay attention to every aspect of their presentation – particularly those aspects related to ethical production and natural ingredients Has it been tested on animals or just poor interns? Are all the ingredients suitable for vegans? There are many questions, and none of the brands that are dear to influencers wants to have a bad reputation. Nonetheless, it is no longer sufficient to merely have good intentions, rather it is also required to havecompletely transparentproduction. Okay, some shifts have already happened. Parabens have long since become passé.Micro-particleswere bannedcompletely last year. Anddespite there still being hundreds (if not thousands) of untested and potentially toxic chemicals inpersonal care products, the revolution in the beauty industry plans to completely revise the current practises ofmany multinational brands that will impact on your vanity case - and will do so in a very good way. All-natural care products are no longer limited to unglamorous packaging in a musty corner of bio pantries andnatural chemists.These products that are “completely pure”, in terms of production, have now become ultra chic.The credit for this probably belongs, to a large extent, toHollywood star and lifestyle guru GwynethPaltrow, who has caused a stir onthemarketwithherGooponline empire, which addresses a predominantly female populationwith theunequivocalmessage: “Everyone is slowly but surelymoving towards the idea of how to be healthy and live more beautifully”. However,whenconversingwith the brandmanagers of major international companies, Ioftenhearhow difficult it is to entice andmaintain the loyalty of customers belonging to theMillennial andZgenerations: they are constantlybombardedwith advertisingmessages froma young age and innately distrust excessively perfect images of surreal ‘photoshopped’ scenes that the beauty industryhas spent years offering as an idealwithout alternative.Theyprefer to buy after listening to the recommendation of someone from their circle of friends or niche influencers whose tastes they trust, rather than choosing mascara that’s promoted by glamorous Amazonswith freakily separated lashes. This has created space on the market for newly confirmedauthorities of beauty, original small companieswithanunusual story and an unpretentiousapproachthatenables the sense and ethics of what they offer to outdo the marketing hullabaloo. Adopting the trick of medical cosmetics that are bought from pharmacies, theirproducts fuse tried andtested ingredients thatwerefirst used in medicine more than a century ago and modern science that allows them to “play” with ingredients that were previously used only rarely. That’s because today’s market primarily needs transparency: in composition, concentrationand the forming of reasonable prices. Products are increasingly named after their leading active ingredient: Retinol, VitaminC, LacticAcid etc., with clearly defined concentrations that border or are equatedwithproducts that are prescribed and applied by dermatologists. And, to conclude, one question inevitablyemerges:whyareweabandoning somany glamorously futuristic ingredients in luxurypackaging and turning to brands that promise only that which already exists innature? The answer is similar to one when it comes to the desire to buy organic foodor eco-friendly clothes: in order for us to feel less like polar bears on a melting glacier… Na tržištu je stvoren prostor za novoutvrđene bjuti autoritete Space has been created on the market for newly confirmed authorities of beauty