Interiors » Enterijer | 79 Tekst/Words: Sofija Kuzmanović Fotografije/Photography: iStock sinonim za samouverenost, optimizam i energiju, a cimet se bori protiv mentalne premorenosti, baš kao imenta, koja osvežava um. Zato dočekajte januar sa zalihom sveća za svaku zimsku zgodu.Oneukrašavaju i budeuspomene, amožda ćete baš ove godine uz miris sveće doživeti trenutak koji ćete večno pamtiti. Nekoliko malih sveća pored šolje mirisne tople čokolade i karirano ćebence dovoljni su da osetite kao da ste u nekoj brvnari A few small candles next to a cup of fragrant hot chocolate and a chequered blanket are enough for you to feel like you’re in some log cabin MAY WI NT E R HAVE T HE AROMA OF SPR I NG Subtle decor for all occasions The days are growing shorter, with light ever reducing, meaning it’s time for an atmosphere of luxurious, romantic and warm snuggling. And the swaying flame of a wonderfully scented candle in a darkened room leaves no one feeling indifferent LIGHTANDSCENTSAREELEMENTSINASPACE thatweall react toemotionallyandoftendon’texperience as part of the design. A few small candlesplacedona traynext to a cup of fragrant hot chocolate and a chequered blanket are enough for you to feel like you’re in some log cabin on a mini holiday. And thenthere are smells. Some return us to childhood, some relax and calm us, while some evoke romantic recollections evenmore than a favourite song. All that’s required for you to evoke this magic of light andemotionisafewcandleswithdifferent scents. The choice of colours, shapes and scented candles hasnever been greater. The kind of atmosphereyoucreatedependsonlyonyou and the occasion.The only constant is that we are all accustomed in different ways to candles being a symbol of somethingbig and important. We celebrate birthdays with them, decorateChristmas treeswith them, adorn a rich spread on a table, place them inwindows, create a romantic atmosphere etc. Let your imagination run wild, polishyour grandmother’s old silver candlesticks, fill a bowl with water and add floating candles, find one in a decorative glass, buy an aroma-steamvaporiser and light asmall candle under essential oil, or simply put it in a jar. The scents of your candles can haveagreat influenceonyourmood. Fresh citrusy scents boost concentration, calm and clear your mind. Lavender is also used in aromatherapy to combat tension and depression, because it relaxes and reduces emotional stress. The scent of jasmine is synonymous with self-confidence, optimismandenergy, while cinnamon counters mental fatigue, just like mint, which also refreshes the mind. So enter January with a supply of candles for everywinter occasion. Theyaredecorativeandawakenmemories, andperhaps thisyear the scent of a candle will enable you to experience a moment that you will remember forever. iStock / Maya23K iStock / 5PH iStock / Mkovalevskaya