Nature » Priroda | 77 ciation with the word cabin implies something rustic and retro, these structures are no longer merely a refuge, rather they are also “exemplary homes”, a status symbol, something that‘s equally captivating when seen through an Instagram feed as when seen live, in the distance, as we travel by car through nature to our destination. This is achieved with precise constructions combining wood and steel, while glass surfaces that are geometrically playful provide sufficient light and enable all shades of natural greenery to enter the home. When it comes to arrangement and décor, Scandinavian harmony prevails - bright colours in a skilful combination of textures and materials made from renewable sources. All of this leads us to pose ourselves a question – is the future actually in a return to this seemingly modest format of living spaces that is juxtaposed to the impersonal apartment blocks that are the same around the world? If the answer is yes, then perhaps we‘ll return to nature as a society before it‘s too late for the planet. Le Korbizje je svoju kolibu dizajnirao na svega 16 kvadrata kao cabanon u kom se susreću svi postulati njegove vizije življenja, koja je bila daleko ispred njegovog vremena Le Corbusier designed his cabin to cover an area of just 16m2 as the “Cabanon”, which includes all the postulates of his vision of living, which was far ahead of his time