Jean Paul Gaultier » Žan Pol Gotje | 51 HAU T E COU T UR E ' S EN FANT T E R R I B L E I N B E LGR ADE Love is everything. Only Jean Paul Gaultier can do that! As soon as you step into Jean Paul Gaultier's exhibition Love is Love: Wedding Bliss for All you will feel a rush of adrenaline. Silk, tulle, sea sponges, walls reminiscent of Parisian salons, dolls that wink at you, designs with the craziest details… An unusual exhibition setting on three circular levels with dolls that wink, talk and smile at you. Amazing designs with lots of details. Yes, we are talking about the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at Belgrade‘s Museum of Contemporary Art Theopeningof the exhibitionwas online, in the spirit of the times and the “new normal”. Jean Paul Gaultier got involved directly, sending the message that he was happy that the exhibition would experience its European premiere inBelgrade. “Although I‘mnot present physically, I‘m with you in my thoughts and my heart. The exhibition is about things that make us dream if we have beautiful memories,” said the famous designer, whileViktor Kiš, director of theMuseumof Contemporary Art in Belgrade, said that such exhibitions send an important message for us to be true to ourselves, to look to ourselves and to achieve our goals. Just like Jean Paul Gaultier himself. The exhibition comprises 38haute couturewedding dresses that have closed Gaultier‘s fashion shows. High fashion in the true sense of the word – story, inspiration, realisation. It will take you a fewmoments to realise that the circular pedestals on which the dolls stand are actually huge cakes. He spent 395 hours each working on some of the designs. Every detail is conceived, designed and created by hand. Another treat for the audience is that the exhibits are not displayed behind glass, so you can approach to within just a few centimetres and study every detail, see every thread on the material and even touch them. The creations of this designer, who is known for his commitment to minorities exposed to discrimination, encompass a range of borrowed cultural elements that emphasiseandpromoteahumane, intercultural anduniversalist attitude. True to his ownoff-the-wall approach that has characterised his work since his first designs in the domain of everyday fashion, as well as spectacular models and displays, over the years Gaultier has enriched his collection with wedding clothing. No, it‘s not amistake, we haven‘t written dresses on purpose, as for Jean Paul this also includes suits, tuxedos or trousers. There is almost no theme, concept or culture that hasn‘t runthroughhiscreationsat somepoint.The theme of each collection is also reflected in themost important dress of each haute couture fashion show, the one given the honour of closing the fashion show – the wedding gown. And thus we encounter a wedding dress inspired by Indian tribes, with a grandiose feather instead of a veil, a post-apocalyptic gown that looks as though it was made for the filmMad Max, a gown made of silk bubble wrap. As you try to absorb the energy resonating from each design and to review all the details of the creations on display, your gaze falls on a suit with a veiled cap. There is also a white suit with an asymmetrical cut and a flower on the waist and, of course, a doll with the likeness of the creator himself, dressed in his famous Breton sweater and skirt. As you stroll through the setting you will see a jacket and skirt combination inspired by Frida Kahlo. Next to them stands a provocative wedding gown made of a material that imitates a sea sponge and a fishing net. As you gulp in amazement at the boldness of such a dress, your eyes spot the complete opposite, in the formof an innocent gown with fairy wings. That‘s when you realise how JPG earned his official nickname –The Enfant Terrible of fashion. The exhibition is a real treat for all lovers of haute couture. You will contemplate the rich details long after you leave the Museum... Žan-Pol Gotje na kraju revije u Parizu 2020, kojom je završio karijeru Jean Paul Gaultier pictured at the end of his 2020 Paris fashion show, with which he ended his career