Comics » Strip | 39 It was in August 1987 that the God of comics answered our prayers – and gave us Dylan Dog. The detective of nightmares was the leader of the new wave of Italian comics, and he appeared in our country as a special edition of the Golden Series. Novi Sad-based publisher Dnevnik published the first issue and the story “Dawn of the Living Dead”, which was translated in our country as “Doctor Ksabaras”. The cover, featuring zombies threatening a pale hero in pale jeans, a red loose-fitting shirt and a black jacket, was like honey for flies.Therewas never a better investment of 360 dinars. Overnight nobody wanted to fight the Redcoats and Hellingen anymore, and Don Chico Felipe Cayetano Lopez Martinez y Gonzales (Zagor‘s best friend) became boring compared to Dylan‘s sidekick Groucho, whose likeness is a direct copy of American comedian Groucho Marx. Dylan‘s comic strip father, journalist andwriter Tiziano Sclavi, based his hero’s look on the appearance of actor Rupert Everett. The first issue was published in Italy at the end of September 1986 and represented a wave of changes that can still be felt today. Of course, time has done its thing so that Dylan has changed together with all of us. However, unlike us, he has remained in the best years of his life, but Sclavi allowed him to develop in the minds of other writers and cartoonists. That’s why Dylan Dog is one of the few comic book characters thatwe can sayhasn‘t hada badepisode. Publisher Veseli četvrtak (HappyThursday)marked the 30th anniversary of DylanDog in this region in2017 by publishing a special luxury edition entitled “Mothers and Fathers”, which was swooped up and sold out in record time by themost ardent fans.Those who hesitated for a day or two were left without their copy forever. Veseli četvrtak delighted us again last year with the book “And today, the apocalypse!”.This jubilee 400th edition was first published in Italy at the end of 2019, when we couldn‘t even have imagined that a coronavirus apocalypse awaited us. Another luxury A4 format hard-cover edition, in colour and covering 96 pages, represents the end of the old Dylan Dog and the start of a new series. Facing an incoming meteor set to hit our planet in 12months, Dylan decided tomarryGroucho and kill his creator Sclavi. Yes, the idea is for Sclavi to leave Dylan to head an entirely new way. And what next? A hen goes to a vet and lays an egg there.The vet comes and asks: “Which of you came first?”. No, even another of Groucho‘s bad jokes didn‘t help us. Dylanwill probably survive themeteor and his marriage with the moustachioed comedian. As a true hipster, he has also gained a beard. Yes, he was, andwill remain, avant-garde in the world of comics. His audience may have aged and matured, but remains faithful.The book “And today, the apocalypse” is an homage to everything we‘ve enjoyed since 1987. It reminded us of our childhood, first love, happiness, disappointment, loss... Besides, he has turned 35 and the time has come for him to become independent and to head his own (our) way. That‘s because, did you know that in 1922 they found Tutankhamun‘s treasure? I‘m glad for him, he surely must have been satisfied. Adresa na kojoj Dilan živi, Krejven Roud 7, zaista postoji i na njoj se nalazi klub Dilan Dog / The address where Dylan lives, 7 Craven Road, really exists and is the location of the Dylan Dog Club Umberto Eko je bio jedan od Dilanovih ljubitelja, a autori su mu uzvratili ljubav tako što su ga ubacili kao junaka u epizodu Vavilonska kula Umberto Eco was one of Dylan‘s fans, and the authors paid him back for that love by inserting him as the hero of the Tower of Babel episode Dilanov pomoćnik Gručo je lik direktno preuzet od američkog komičara Gruča Marksa Dylan‘s sidekick Groucho is a direct copy of American comedian Groucho Marx FOTO: PROFIMEDIA.RS / EVERETT