38 | Strip » Comics KULTURA / CULTURE DY L AN DOG T URNS 35 And today the apocalypse of the detective of nightmares and other horrors The great Tiziano took on other jobs, but kept returning to his Dylan, who hasn't learned to play the clarinet even after three decades. Groucho's puns haven't got any funnier either. Thanks for that… Growing up in the old Yugoslavia had its advantages, which today‘s kids see as an anomaly.We didn‘t remember the days according to their official names, but according to the names of the comics released. Theweek beganwith “Mickey‘s Entertainer”, continued with “Comic Book 81”, “Ex Almanac” and “Stripoteka”, progressed via “Alan Ford” and “TheGolden Series”, until Friday and “LunovMagnus Strip” and “Politika‘s Entertainer”. And then came the weekend, whichwe used to see who Zagor‘s latest rival was, what James Bond and Rip Kirby were up to, and whoModesty Blaise was beating up. Evermore newcharacters appeared, and the shelves proved too small for our collections. And then the scent of roto paper disappeared with the disappearance of the Socialist Yugoslavia. The major publishing houses gave up, while the small ones only endured for a few issues, arranged in order and sold initially on a weekly basis, then every 14 days, monthly... Never again. As addicts, we wandered from kiosk to kiosk and bought them all in order, but we needed new heroes as we emerged from adolescence. Or, more precisely, we were seeking anti-heroes who were similar to us, the last generation of the great Yugoslavia.