Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 17 Beograd Zlatibor Zlatibor je planina nesvakidašnje lepote, a nalazi se u zapadnomdelu Srbije Zlatibor is a mountain of extraordinary beauty located in the western part of Serbia Air spa and gourmets From shacks and huts to apartments and residences, from Rzav whirlpools to Olympic swimming pools, from rough fields and makeshift balls to modern stadiums and halls. The magic of this golden mountain once completely enchanted Serbian King Aleksandar Obrenović, who even got his own spring, known as King’s Water, in the centre of this place. Today Zlatibor is Serbia’s most visited tourist centre. It represents a genuine air spa, with its clean air proving especially beneficial for those suffering from respiratory diseases, but also the place where you can taste the world’s most delicious bread cakes and cured ham. The mountain’s highest peak is Tornik, at an elevation of 1,496 metres above sea level, while this is also the site of a ski resort of the same name, which offers real pleasure to passionate skiers and boarders. U blizini Zlatibora jeMorka Gora, selo u kom treba posetiti Drvengrad i Šargansku osmicu / Near Zlatibor is Morka Gora, where you should visit Drvengrad and the Šargan Eight railroad iStock / Miljko