94 | “The idea originated in 2014 in the Philippines, where the first selfie museum opened. It didn’t achieve global acclaim, however, until a similar one opened in NewYork in 2018. Others then began emerging around the world, and until recently the closest to us were inVienna and Budapest,”says Jelena Obrenović Damnjanović, an academic painter who has spent more than eight years engaged in interior design, imaginative installations and unusual objects. Along with painter Jelena and sculptor Nikola, she is among the authors of the setting, which will remain in its current format until 24th February. The main attractions will then remain, but some things will change over time. As Jelena explains, the most interesting and technically demanding installation for taking pictures was the candy room, then the large cloud in which one sits, and alongsidewhich aremore smaller bubbles, as well as a ball tub, which exists in every sel e museum and was celebrated by Beyonce in her music video. It’s also interesting that the entiremuseum originated out of the frame of a mobile phone. Namely, all dimensions and settings were created on site in such a way that the plaster walls extand as far as the frame of a mobile device camera. Jelena also reveals that whoever comes to the museum who’s a lover of sel es and Instagram, and is also creative, has enough attractive space to create their ideal sel e, which they can then drag through lters as they desire. Selfies are clearly more than just a trend. The term, which represents a self-portrait photo image usually posted on social media, was declared the word of the year six years ago by the editorial board of the Oxford English Dictionary. It is believed that the word itself was first used during a forum in Australia in 2002, but only gained true popularity a decade later, with World Selfie Day being celebrated every 21st June as of 2014. Interestingly, in 1839, photographer Robert Cornelius shot a self-portrait with his camera, which required quite a lot of effort to achieve. He had to set up the camera, open the aperture, quickly position himself in front of the camera and wait a few minutes for the desired photo to be taken. Experts also suggest that the kind of selfies we make testify to what we’re like as people. The conscientious tend to hide where the pictures are taken, optimists look straight at the lens, while those who pout their lips are said to be emotionally unfulfilled. Now we have a special space for all of this, a new museum that you leave with a smile. / Imagine a space lledwith inspirational and colourful corners where you can explore your creativity to your heart’s content and have fun while doing so. Such a place, unique to the region, recently came into existence in Belgrade. The new sel e museum is a pop up exhibition space with over 20“Instagram”-friendly installations, where anyone can create their own little works of art, humorous photos and video recordings.With this concept, Belgrade has joined a groupof around twenty cities worldwide. MAKATI SITI NA FILIPINIMA JE SVETSKA PRESTONICA SELFIJA JER SE TAMO NAPRAVI NAJVIŠE TAKVIH FOTOGRAFIJA, A PRATE GA MENHETN I MAJAMI MAKATI, A CITY IN THE PHILIPPINES, IS THE WORLD’S CAPITAL OF SELFIES, WITH THE LARGEST NUMBER OF THESE PHOTOS SHOT THERE, FOLLOWED BY MANHATTAN AND MIAMI Naša novinarka u akciji Our journalist in action