| 87 ORINA TheOlympicMountain, whichearned this epithetwhilehosting the 1984SarajevoWinterOlympics, is todaymorevibrant thanever.The ski season opened on 7th December with a Brian Ferry concert at the foot of themountain, while the Olympic rings at the entrance and the Olympic ame, which was ceremoniously lit again this year, provide yet more reminders of the glorious past of this snow-capped beauty. The new cabin gondola, which is named after the most famous director from this region, Emir Kusturica, became operational in late November 2019, but it is not the rst of its kind in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Prior to Jahorina’s gondola lift, a ski slope and gondola on Ravna Mountain were constructed, aiming to carve out another ski run and, in cooperation with the Tourism Organisation of Pale and the Jahorina Olympic Centre, connect the two ski resorts. However, the gondola on Jahorina is special in that, alongside regular cabins, there is one marked with the pre x ‘VIP’, which visitors will be able to enjoy at the end of a day in the snow, while sipping champagne during night-time sightseeing of the mountain’s landscapes. Those who prefer skiing can use the gondola to climb to the top of newly built trails covering a total length of ve kilometres and named after top Serbian tennis player Novak Đoković. This is no coincidence, given that the majority of guests come fromSerbia, although this Bosnian beauty has become interesting to skiers from all over the world. Jahorina’s culinary o er is at an enviable level and you won’t be mistaken regardless of which restaurant you choose, and when you get tired of the clean air and all-but pristine nature, just a ten-minute drive from Jahorina is the centre of Pale, where an attraction in its own right is represented by the Ceković House gallery. The former summer residence of wealthy and reputed Sarajevomerchant Petar Ceković, it was built at the beginning of the last century and was donated in 1995 by Milojka Ceković, the only survivingdescendant of the family, to theDabrobosanskaMetropolitanate. This OlympicMountain is also known for good fun, major concerts performed by the region’s biggest music stars, music festivals and shows. Riding snowmobiles in the winter and conquering the highest peaks of this mountain are adventures that must be experienced.