| 85 The shift of the last ice age, combined with karst erosion, left a speci c mark on Durmitor. The impressive legacy of the glacier is re ected in theunique relief formsof the peaksof Prutaš, Šareni Pasova [Colourful Layers] and Sedlo [TheSaddle].Thehighestpeak isBobotovKuk [Bobot’s Hip], at a height of 2,523 metres, but Durmitor is home to as many as 40 peaks exceeding a height of 2,000 metres. Its network of well-worn marked trails is exceptional for the Balkan region. It ispossible towalk fromoneendof themountain massif to the other during summer, but what does that look like inwinter, whenDurmitor’s peaks fall intoadeepwinter slumber, under theburdenof snowand ice, far fromtheworld?Or –more simply - howcan someonewho isn’t anextreme climber experience this mountain during winter? BLACK LAKE TO LOKVICE ON SNOWSHOES Lokviceisapopularhikingdestinationduringthe summermonths, especially fornature loverswithout ambitions toexperiencehighmountains. Asummer picnic hike from the Black Lake is a chance to feel the might of the Durmitor mountain massif without climbing some of its more challenging peaks. Movements are, of course, slower during winter,whenLokvice representsa legitimatemountaineeringgoal, inconditionsof freshsnowfall. Between three and four hours will be required to hike from the lake ramp to the bottom of the cirque glacier. The terrain isundulatingandslowly rises toaltitude, which is why it represents the right opportunity to tryout“snowshoes”- special hikingfootwear fornavigating deep snow. Snowshoes don’t only minimise the depth of stepping into snow, and thus save energy, they also prevent footwear from coming into direct contact with the cold andmoisture – which is really an essential factor for full-day ormulti-day adventures in snow. The rst part of the ascent curves through the dense conifer forest positioned above the lake itself. After breaking out into a clearing, hikers pass throughavalleybelowthe slopesofMeđed, onone side, and Čvorov bogaz on the other. At one point, a powerful scene will emerge: a deep cirque glacier with a “sleeping” katun mountain shack above it, inuntouched virgin snow, without a single trace of human activity. That’s Lokvice. SKI TOURING ALONGTHE RIDGE OF SAVA’S HIP Ski-touring is neither Nordic nor Alpine skiing, but rather their common denominator and historical precursor. The skis themselves are alpine (with an emphasis on light weight rather than board hardness) while the connectors are Nordic (the heel is raised for ascents and xed when descending). Both Nordic skis and the latter alpine version both require prepared trails, while in contrast touring skis, as the name implies, represent a traditional winter means of transport through wilderness areas that have roots dating back to ancient times, long before ski lifts and cable cars emerged on mountains. SavinKuk [Sava’sHip] is recommended for anyone tryingout this sport for the rst time. Physically t mountaineers who are eager to train will begin their ascent “from scratch”via ski trails. Those who aren’t early risers cansleep in for anhour longer and leavemost of the e ort to the lifts of the ski centre; they will only have to conquer the last couple of hundred metres of the ascent from the top of the ski resort to the top of the mountain. Despite the close proximity of civilisation, the scenes from the ridge are breathtaking and o er a complete experience of this powerful mountain! STVARNO NESTVARNA PLANINA REALLY UNREAL MOUNTAIN MITORKOLAŠIN I NA 1.600 Ski-centar Kolašin 1600 udaljen je 91 kilometar od Podgorice i 12 kilometara od Kolašina, odnosno 2,3 kilometra od ski-centra Kolašin 1450. Dobio je naziv po nadmorskoj visini polazne tačke šestosedne žičare, koja se penje na 2.035 metara. Odatle je moguće skijati na dve staze - Vranjak je dug 1.750 metara i po kategorizaciji je crvena staza, ili stazom Jagančar, dugom 2.800 metra, koja je po kategorizaciji plava. Za najmlađe je obezbeđen i dečji ski-lift. KOLAŠIN ALSO AT 1,600 The Kolašin 1600 Ski Centre is located 91 kilometres from Podgorica, 12 kilometres from the town of Kolašin and 2.3 kilometres from the Kolašin 1450 Ski Centre. It is named after the altitude that marks the starting point of the six-seater cable car lift, which climbs to a height of 2,035 metres above sea-level. From there it is possible to descend along two ski runs: Vranjak, which is 1,750 metres long and categorised as a red run; and Jagančar, which covers a distance of 2,800 metres and is categorised as a blue run. A children’s ski lift is also provided for the youngest skiers.