82 | učine dnevnom, bez noćnih izazova Val Torensa. Le Menir je odlična baza za klince ili one koji žele da istražuju džinovski skijaški kraj s ograničenim budžetom. Žičare i gondole koje vode do ostalih dolina i vrhova su brze i efikasne, a lokalne staze odlične za sve standarde. Ovde su mnoge padine okrenute prema jugu, pa se brzo tope na prolećnom suncu, iako letovalište ostaje otvoreno skoro do kraja aprila. Ali tu je Val Torens, sa garantovanim snežnim pokrivačem od novembra do maja, pa se lakomožete smestiti uLeMeniru i skijati do kasnog proleća u komšijskoj dolini. Sa Cime de Carona imaćete besprekoran pogled na najviši evropski vrh Mon Blan From Cime de Caron you can have unhindered view of Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc w cover from November to May, so you can easily settle in Les Menuires and ski in the neighbouring valley until late spring. metres and covers a length of 760 metres, and it o ers a driving experience that you certainly won’t forget. CIME DE CARON: BEST VIEWS OF THE ALPS Whether you’re a skier or not, you will love Cime de Caron! Board one of the panoramic cable car cabins and allow the most beautiful viewsof theAlps tograduallyemerge in frontof your eyes. You will have an unhindered view of Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc, as well as more than a thousand other peaks of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps. LES MENUIRES In recent years, the older buildings in this valley have been remodelled into much cosier log cabin styles. Families mainly come here, who have a tendency to rent the same apartments year after year and to concentrate their fun during the daytime, without the nocturnal temptations of Val Thorens. Les Menuires is an excellent base for kids or those seeking to explore this huge ski area on a limited budget. The cable lifts andgondolas tha lead to theother valleys and peaks are fast and e cient, while the local ski runs are excellent by any standards. Many of the slopes here face southwards, which ensures hat theymelt quickly in the spring sun, although the resort stays open until late April. But close by is also Val Thorens, / iStock / borchee ACT Media Pascal Lebeau